Your Card for Today: The Empress

EmpressFor today, we meet with The Empress from the Adrian Tarot on the blog.

Am I the only one who sees Barbara Streisand here? In many ways, this is not a bad comparison to make, since The Empress is a strong and creative woman. Dressed in crimson, this lady sits on an egg like a hen. The egg symbolises possibility and potential.

As I have mentioned before, the Adrian Tarot also uses line as part of its illustration. In this card, we can see a flower blossoming. It appears to erupt from the egg. The Empress nurtures its growth. Such a simple image can provide us with so much.

On a personal level, this is a significant card for me as I embark on a new design project. As we speak, I am talking with prospective models and am also in conversation about printing my Spirit within the Shadows Tarot. In many ways, I can relate to this card, since  I have many projects within me which are waiting to be hatched and parented.

How does this lady affect you today? We so often see The Empress as a symbol of motherhood in tarot decks and for some of you, a maternal bond will be of importance. However, she also speaks of birthing new ideas and nurturing them to fruition. She is a token of strength, who will fight to keep these new energies alive.

For today, ask yourself these questions: What is in the egg upon which you sit? What are you protecting and caring for? What can you bring into the world and fight to keep alive?




Illustration from the Adrian Tarot by Adrian Bernhard Koehli, 1997


2 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: The Empress

  1. Nope, I saw Barbra Sreisand too, even before I read your notes.

    Oh good, potential models…you do such GOOD portraits of people.


    • Thanks Judy. These will be a mix of photography, Illustrator and digital collage. So a mash up of all things I have tried before. I feel a buzz for this because I have a vision but I can’t see it entirely. I want to let it evolve in it’s own way and that is exciting. The pictures will begin the process and I will unpick the tale for each card from there.


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