Your Card for Today: King of Pentacles

King of pentsFor today, from the Adrian Tarot, we have the King of Pentacles.

This king is much younger than many you’ll see. But as you might expect from a King of Pentacles, he is suitably healthy, tanned, and in touch with his physicality. The grapes are rich in colour and the scarf gently wrapped around him suggests luxury. Kings are masters. This one has achieved financial and material successes. His accomplishments are within the physical realm.

We have received a good few court cards of late. When they enter our readings, they can depict a person in our life, an aspect of our self or a situation. On some occasions, they can describe all three. Do you recognise this king in your day? He might be someone who can assist you financially or support you with his physical means. For some, he will symbolise a financial advisor or possibly a person connected to property. For others, he might be a secure individual (of any age), who may try to buy your loyalty or who splashes the cash.

Can you see yourself in the King of Pentacles today? It might be that you do not need the advice or help of anyone else since you can support yourself. When this card enters a reading, it might suggest a mastery over your own money or some success within business. The King of Pentacles is a man of security, after all.

How do you feel about this card? Do you feel secure and proud of your successes or do you need a helping hand from someone who has already cornered the market? For today, this king concerns strength with money, health, business and your physical environment. He brings about material successes and accomplishments to those who are willing to strive for them. If you do not seek out an authority, take comfort in being your own!




Illustration from The Adrian Tarot by Adrian Bernhard Koelhi 


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