Your Card for Today: Ace of Wands

Wands AceThe striking Ace of Wands rages into today’s draw. Boldly displaying its element, it has been taken over with fiery passion.

An Ace is a wonderful sight to behold. Aces always represent new beginnings and opportunities. If you were given this baton of energy and symbol of vibrancy, what would you do with it?

Over here in the UK, we are enjoying a bank holiday weekend. Out of yesterday’s rain, the sun is now shining this morning. The Ace of Wands is a bit like that. It can arise when we are feeling sluggish and uninspired, only to re-energise us and motivate. It is quite a lot like the striking of a match – it is the initial flicker of a flame within each and every one of us.

As we all know, a lit match can burn out as quickly as it was fired up. Think about this today. Imagine that you have a lit match in your hand. If you were holding it on a breezy day, what would you do to keep it alight. You’d probably shield it and nurture it, use it to light a candle or maybe ignite a bonfire. You’d want to keep it strong and burning.

For today, you are being handed a single wand, burning with possibility, enthusiasm and passion. What are you passionate and enthusiastic about? What possibility, however small, can you grab hold of and nurture? Think about what you can do today to keep this excitement alight.




Illustration from the Adrian Tarot by Adrian Bernhard Koehli, 1997.



2 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: Ace of Wands

  1. I’ve always liked this deck but like a lot of people I found the Minors (except the Courts) rather unimaginative. The linework on the cards looks great along with the pop of colour. So nice to see the old deck though.


    • Yes, I understand. Some minors are very unimaginative in decks. I can see how this one could appear so, if without those lines. There are descriptions in the LWB about how they can be interpreted, which I like. Or of course, you could work out your own meanings. Another layer, I like that.

      In many ways, this deck is so of its time. But back then, it felt very fresh and modern. It was innovative then, where as much computer designed stuff these days can be alike. I have a strong feeling for it and the coldness actually makes for clear readings. Love the backs too … lots!


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