Your Card for Today: Queen of Cups

Adrian Queen of CupsFor this week, I am returning to tarot and will be using the Adrian Tarot by Swiss painter and designer, Adrian Bernhard Koehli.

While deciding which deck to use for the week, I spied this one within my tarot cupboard. I remember searching for this deck a long time ago. I eventually found it in 2002 in a small new age shop in Finchley, North London. At that time, computer-generated artwork was rare. This deck was published in 1997 and pre-dates the iconic Gilded Tarot (Ciro Marchetti, 2004). Ciro’s Gilded paved the way for many digital tarot artists, but before his deck, computer-aided design was stark and often viewed as cold and a little clumsy. This is how Koehli’s deck has often been described by reviewers and enthusiasts alike. It made a big impression on me back then, since I liked it’s modern clean finish. I am still fond of it, so prefer to think of it as fresh and icy.

I don’t know why and can not remember how, but my copy of the Adrian Tarot and I became separated some years after I bought it. As the deck became difficult to find, I managed to locate an open display copy in Borders on Oxford Street around 2006. The box had no lid but the cards were in tact. It is the copy I still have today and am using this week on the blog.

How beautiful is this Queen of Cups! Even though we are immediately drawn to the strong colouring within this image, each of Koehli’s cards also contain a linear design. In this one, you might notice the blue lines layered over the queen, suggesting the shape of a fountain.

The Queen of Cups closes her eyes. She shuts herself off from the mundane world and turns inwards. In many ways, this is her skill and an asset – she has the ability to connect with her inner-wisdom and utilise her emotions, making her a valuable confidant and someone who understands the needs of others.

Who is the Queen of Cups in your day? Is she a friend, open to listening to your worries or concerns? If you need her, seek her out. Alternatively, she might represent your own desire to focus within. How do you feel about the world today? Your sensitivity to the deeper realm of emotion and imagination may be the solution to a problem or could be the problem itself. Do you need to exercise compassion or have you shied away from reality so much that you’re now finding it hard to swim within the cold light of today?




Illustration from Adrian Tarot by Adrian Bernhard Koehli, published by AGMuller, 1997


2 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: Queen of Cups

  1. For me today, she was my mother. Deeply intuitive, with good advice about everything from child rearing to photoshopping images for more emotional impact 😀


    • The Queen of Cups came up a week ago from the Housewives Tarot. Two different queens. I love this one and like how you link her to your mum! This one seems so much more dreamy and emotionally absorbed. I’d forgotten this version. The colours are beautiful. I like this one a lot.


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