Your Cards for Today: Rider, Clover, Scythe

Rider Clover ScytheFor this last day with Wings of Change Lenormand, we have Rider, Clover and Scythe.

Right in the middle of this spread is Rider. We’ve already seen him once this week; he indicates messages and movement. Upon his steed, he jumps into our day with news of some kind.

During this week with Wings of Change Lenormand, we have also met with the Clover faery too. Riding into today with her pal in the central card, she represents luck and fortune. This will not be long-lasting though. The luck she brings must be taken advantage of since this opportunity will not hang around for long.

On the left, we have a character called Reaper. Not unlike his cousin, Death in tarot, he cuts away at situations and brings about endings. However, because he holds his scythe away from Rider, I’d say that difficult times are passing.

Expect news or even a visitor today. For some, this person will be lucky or bring luck. For others, this trio will suggest the end of a situation. I feel that this is not a bad thing while Clover supervises this reading from her position on the right. It could be that she brings closure to painful or difficult situations or hands you the right tools to go about the job yourself.




Illustrations from Wings of Change Lenormand, illustrated by Elizabeth Arena

If you have enjoyed this week with the Wings of Change Lenormand, be sure to look out for my review later today!


2 thoughts on “Your Cards for Today: Rider, Clover, Scythe

  1. Ha ha, for me this draw was perfect, with a somewhat different interpretation. I did some quick editing/cutting (Scythe) of a message (video – Rider), seizing a few moments (opportunity – Clover) baby-free. I’ll be posting it to Youtube on Monday 😀


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