Your Cards for Today: Tree, Bear, Clouds

clouds tree bearFor this penultimate draw with the Wings of Change Lenormand, we have Tree as our central card.

Within the tree’s branches, a faery sits contentedly, supported by its strength. Time has been invested in its growth and it provides structure. I feel as though this is a place we all would  like to be. This is our security, however security looks in your life today.

On the right of the faery is Bear. She looks over at him and notices his size and power. This is an animal we may fear and could indicate something which we find intimidating. For some, he will appear protective.

In most Lenormand systems I have come across, Clouds can be difficult – especially when their darker side is close to another card, as it is here. When influencing from their darker aspect, they will add confusion to a reading.

Today’s cards bring about many feelings. We know that our own personal security is relevant today, since Tree sits in the centre of the reading. How do you feel about this? It could be that you’re feeling under the weather or insecure while Clouds are forming around you. These cards advise you to look for stability or help from others while you go through this lull. Although Bear can be intimidating, in this Lenormand, he helps the faery to repair her home. Is there someone you can ask for assistance.

How do you assess your own wellbeing today? Are you strong, like Bear? Or might you need a little support? Acknowledge these feelings and reach out to those who you trust or who can support you during this temporary storm.




Illustrations from Wings of Change Lenormand by Chloe McCracken, illustrated by Elizabeth Arena.



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