April Update

update picAs we move through the months, some have greater impact than others. There has been less to write home about in April than in previous ones but it has not been a month to write off. As the sun made a return to the UK, so has my clientele.

More people have found their way to my reading table this month and I have read for clients of varying ages and life paths. Even though I sometimes rotate my reading decks, I have found that my best reads have been with the Rider Waite and its clones. The Radiant Rider Waite, the Pamela Coleman Smith Centennial Edition, and the Robin Wood have been the clearest. Why have these decks spoken more than others? I don’t know but I have not wanted to move them from my working space. As well as reading for people through Talking Spirit, I also read at a small pub/restaurant, where appointments were pre-arranged.

As usual, new packages and offers have arrived in my shop at Tiferet Tarot. I love to read for people in person but understand that this is not always possible. I’d really like to connect with even more international clients through Skype and email. As this month has progressed, I have added Facebook to my list of social-media platforms, which has connected me to more tarot authors, readers and enthusiasts, as well as being a place where I can speak with both existing clients and those who might want to buy a reading or sign up for one of my workshops or courses.

Publishing continues to be something I am looking into. Even though I am still unsure of which avenue I will take, I am slowly examining the possibilties. With the inspiring Wings of Change Lenormand on the blog this week, I have been considering self-publication again, with invaluable pointers from the decks creator, Chloe McCracken. Added to this, the author and tarot reader Benebell Wen also suggested putting the Spirit within the Shadows out there for digital customers. Many people use tarot through the apps on their phone these days; this is an avenue I had not considered, but one I will be looking into.

Although I am unpublished as yet, I have started formulating visual ideas for a new tarot deck. I have been thinking about how I would create these new images for a while and have settled on a fusion of photography, collage and digital drawing.

InstagramCapture_afaf3d88-98a9-4812-867b-46d0f470d61aIt has been cold over here, but the sunshine is fighting it’s way through. In many ways, the year is only just beginning for me – I’ve found new clients, new possibilities, new creative goals, and a return to my tarot circle. Because of my last Beginners Tarot Course, meetings were on hold for a couple of months. Last night, the group came together again. It is slowly growing in size, but is still as warm and dedicated as it ever was: I couldn’t ask for a better circle of individuals. For the first time, I delivered a long guided meditation. It centred around The Empress. With low lighting, everyone slipped straight into the meditation and afterwards, all had something to take away from the experience. It opened up the group’s understanding of the card.

So what lays in store for May? My public reading space will move to a new focused venue next month. Amongst preparation for that, I will endeavour to find publishing for my last tarot and begin work on my next.

Thank you to everyone who drops by and is part of this journey.




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