Your Cards for Today: Rider, Star, Lily

Rider Star LilyOn this bright morning in the UK, today’s Lenormand line-up has a positive feel to it.

When I read for people at the table for the first time, I usually refer to my years of tarot study but explain that, within readings, I combine my theoretical understanding of the cards with the intuitive feelings I receive during a session. Neither method of reading is dominant when I read the cards.

So when I look at these images here today, what I feel is a surge of inspiration and reward. There is anticipation in the faery on the right. She looks at the young man, astride his bunny in the middle card, with awe and focus.

From Chloe McCracken’s Wings of Change Lenormandwe have the Rider in the centre. In this set, he sits upon his steed, called Hoppity (all of the characters have been named in this Lenormand). His job is to spread information and bring news, which is the primary meaning of this card. Because he sits in the centre of today’s spread, news and information is of prior importance.

When paired with the Star on our right, the information brought by the rider creates clarity and can be inspiring. When paired with the Lily on the left, we might be looking at the provider of this information as being wise or mature. The Lily is associated with the King of Spades – an older man, who is grounded and protective. In this set he is called Tranquility and is shown meditating, allowing his breath to align him with the earth beneath.

Today will bring about information. News will find its way to your doorstep and may well bring clarity and new understanding. In some cases, this will provide inspiration which you will be excited to receive. This may be brought to you by a mature gent or regard worthy advice from an elder or someone established within a specific situation or industry.

How do you feel about the news you have been given today? You may feel as though you want to react immediately but let it sit with you for a while – like Tranquility, the King of Spades, would. By whichever means this information or inspiration finds you, take a little time to adjust to it and absorb this new knowledge maturely.




Illustration from the Wings of Change Lenormand by Chloë McCracken, illustrated by Elizabeth Arena.


4 thoughts on “Your Cards for Today: Rider, Star, Lily

    • Let’s hope!

      I’m glad that people are enjoying these cards. It’s always interesting to get a look at a deck in action and this one has been getting some good feedback. It’s quite different to a lot of what is out there. It has its own voice and is more than either ‘just the symbols’ or ‘symbols with figures plonked beside them’. The fae have their own stories which we can use to boost our imagination. They also interact within the trios, as you can see.


  1. Hoppity is a good name. Love that card. There is something about anthropomorphic animals that gets to me. These cards are so cheery. I think this is one of those decks that is seemingly cute but working with it allows it to be itself and yet have some depth.


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