Your Cards for Today: Key, Dog, Clover

Clover Key DogFor today, from Chloe McCracken’s Wings of Change Lenormand, we find The Key in the centre of our trio.

As we all know, keys open locks. In this image from the deck, the faery (named Clarity) holds a symbol of insight, which she hopes will solve a problem or open a door. When The Key drops into a reading, it is always worth noticing because it draws our attention to something which is important.

On the right of Clarity, we find The DogTraditionally, The Dog is a card of trust and reliability. In some readings, it can represent a friend or someone with our best interests at heart.

On the left is The Cloveraccompanied by a faery called Lucky. As her name suggests, this is a card of luck and positive outcome. However, the generosities which Lucky brings are only temporary and we must grab them while we can.

A few days ago, I was asked how I find the differences between Tarot and the Lenormand when reading. Even though Tarot often brings many truths to the surface (my latest client readings have been powerful examples of this), I find Lenormand cards to be very specific and like a sniffer-dog when it comes to locating the details. This gives them a direct and punchy style. Take today’s draw as an example.

For today, you will unlock something which has been troubling or confusing you. It could be likely that this concerns a friend or that someone who cares for you is handing you the solution to a problem.

Alternatively, when looking at the cards in this deck, the central faery walks towards the one on the right. Are you able to help someone special within your environment? Maybe you have the ability to bring clarity into their life or provide a solution to a problem they are currently having.

Today will bring about opportunity – whether this is a boost to your career, a new friendship, a helping hand, or the opportunity to help someone who you care for. However, this chance will not last forever, so take advantage of this wonderful energy while you can and express your gratitude!




Illustration from the Wings of Change Lenormand by Chloë McCracken, illustrated by Elizabeth Arena.


3 thoughts on “Your Cards for Today: Key, Dog, Clover

    • Yes, I like the animals. There is something about them … they remind me of a storybook or animation from my childhood. Or maybe this deck reminds me of that Bjork video, Human Behaviour. Can’t put a finger on it.


  1. I found it an interesting juxtaposition, as the animals are often almost photorealistic, while the faeries are cartoon-like…


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