Your Cards for Today: Anchor, Path, Tree

Tree Anchor PathFor today, we have a nice colourful line-up from the Wings of Change Lenormand by Chloe McCracken.

I always read from the centre, which is the focus of this spread. In the centre of today’s reading, we have Anchor (#35). On the right is Path (#22) and on the left, we find Tree (#5).

As you might expect, Anchor concerns stability. The way in which this is read depends very much on the perspective of the reader or person being read for. If we require security or a steadfast relationship, this is going to be an omen we welcome into today. But if we already feel trapped by permanence within a situation, this card is going to only make us feel even more frustrated.

When Anchor partners up with Path, we see options which arise from it’s grounded position. At times, it may not feel as though we are going anywhere fast but we must endure the process because from a strong foundation, a new opportunity will born.

When Anchor melds with Tree, its structure becomes even stronger. The roots of a tree spread beneath the earth, providing structure and stability. A tree takes time it’s time, but it does grow, slowly but surely. When combined with Anchor, we are looking at something which will eventually bear fruit and bring freedom, though not straight away.

Aren’t we always told that the best things are worth waiting for? In the case of today’s reading, this would be true. At first glance, Anchor might appear stuffy to some but it’s sacrifice is far-reaching.

Think of your own goals, both personal and professional. Think about the ones which can not be gained over night. What can you do to strengthen them today? Quick fixes may appear to give us what we want, but we all know that our investment in those ambitions which are further-reaching will provide us with both greater satisfaction and freedom in the end.




Illustration from the Wings of Change Lenormand by Chloë McCracken, illustrated by Elizabeth Arena.


2 thoughts on “Your Cards for Today: Anchor, Path, Tree

  1. Ha ha, my day was quite frustrating. Like your reading suggests, I hope the time and effort will prove worth it in the long run!


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