Your Cards for Today: Coffin, Stork, Letter

Letter Coffin StorkFor today’s draw with the Wings of Change Lenormand, we have The Coffin as our central card. The central card carries the deepest significance in this three-card reading.

There are cards within both Tarot and Lenormand which can intimidate and frighten. Within the Lenormand deck, The Coffin is an obvious one: like it’s cousin, Death (from the tarot deck), there are times when it can be welcomed though. Today’s trio provides such an example. The faery that sits with the wooden casket is called Finality. She is shown in a state of mourning and grief and is finding it hard to come to terms with an ending in her life. Endings may feel bad at the time, but often, we eventually look back and realise that something had to give. Have you ever been heartbroken over a lost love or the end of a job, only to find a more appropriate partner or vocation months later? In this card, the faery can only take part in the new start offered by The Stork if she truly accepts that an aspect of her life is over. The Stork card represents change.

On the left side of this reading, The Coffin joins with The Letter. The Letter represents communication and could literally describe mail. When these two cards connect, we might receive information about the finalisation of something important.

As we begin this week, it is time to acknowledge an ending in your own life. Can you already detect what this could be? We all have situations or relationships that may have shut down unexpectedly or which we know have probably passed their sell-by date. However, this doesn’t stop us from clinging to what has been. For today, we are shown the potential for change, but many of us may not feel ready for it.

Do you need to inform someone of a cycle which is now over? Could The Letter be a message you receive about an ending yourself? Consider how you respond to those things which no longer exist. Do you move forward easily or are you resisting the new, preferring to hold on to the ashes of the past? Accepting that a situation is actually dead and buried could be the key to a new and exciting phase.




Illustrations from Wings of Change Lenormand by Chloë McCracken. Illustrated by Elizabeth Arena 2015.


6 thoughts on “Your Cards for Today: Coffin, Stork, Letter

    • Writing is a powerful tool, for communicating, reflecting, organising. I like the slant you take here. Reminds me (if I remember correctly) of the 3 of Swords from the Gaian, where the man is journaling with the RWS card.

      Writing does instigate change. I have often advised people who are down to journal because we can always see the change between how we are in the present and how we were in the writing of the past.

      Great points. Thanks Ellen!


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