Your Cards for Today: Fish, Path, Moon

SundayAs we start a new week, a new deck arrives on the blog.

For this week, I am using a new Lenormand set created by the writer and tarot reader, Chloë McCracken – the Wings of Change Lenormand. I will be reviewing the deck at the end of the week.

I prefer to read Lenormand cards in multiples, so rather than drawing just one card a day, I will be pulling a trio. The central card will be the focus of the three and each outside card will be read in conjunction with it.

In today’s draw we have what are sometimes identified as Fish (#34, centre), Path (#22, right) and Moon (#32, left).

Unlike many sets, Chloë has added corresponding stories to her cards and given the fae within each a name. In the central card, we find ‘Flow’. This card is traditionally associated with money, which we can identify as the subject of today’s reading. When connected with Moon, we can see this as having something to do with work. There are different associations for this card offered by different Lenormand commentators but I quite like connecting the card to career and in this combination, it would make sense.

On the right of this small spread, we find Path (sometimes known as Crossroads or The Road). This card is associated with options and choices. It is governed by the Queen of Diamonds, who looks deceisive and focused in this illustration, regardless of the difficult decision ahead of her.

For today’s reading, the emphasis is on money. This is very likely connected to your work life and a decision which needs to be made. There may be a new financial opportunity on the horizon or the opportunity to add a new string to your career bow. The fae in the central image attracts the fish to him. Similarly, work and financial possibilities are being drawn to you. Are you up for taking advantage of them and accepting new challenges?

Consider your working life today? What decisions lay before you? How can you use your skills to attract new work and money? What opportunities are around you which you may not have noticed this far?




Illustrations from Wings of Change Lenormand by Chloë McCracken. Illustrated by Elizabeth Arena 2015.


2 thoughts on “Your Cards for Today: Fish, Path, Moon

  1. I like this choice of deck because next week I will receive the Celtic lenormand for my birthday and I desperate need a little refresher course before that. 🙂


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