Your Card for Today: Judgement

Judgement BlogFor our last day with The Housewives Tarotwe draw Judgment.

I have really enjoyed the week with this deck. In many ways, we have only skimmed the surface, though I am glad that so many of the court cards have turned up in these daily readings – for me, they are the deck’s strength, since they have such personality and movement. There are some departures from tradition in The Housewives Tarot but none of them comprise the usability of the set. I am pleased to say that five people have contacted me to say that they’ve ordered this pack because of these blog posts. It’s an extremely well-designed tarot, which I have been very happy to share.

For many, there are cards within the standard tarot pack which can intimidate and frighten. Judgment, with its graves and rising dead, is one of them. Paul Kepple and Jude Buffam have cleverly adapted it here by placing this woman on top of a set of weighing scales.

The traditional card relates to Judgment Day. Within readings, it suggests a wake-up call or moment of assessment. In this version, we see someone receiving their own judgment-call on the scales. But there is a twist. Does this card provoke us to shed a few extra pounds or does it ask us to consider those things which are really important? In that sense, the card is about acceptance.

Today brings about a time for evaluation: call it a wake-up call if you like. Weigh up your life. What do you really need to lose and what is worth keeping? This is a fresh start which you instigate. The control for change is within your hands.




Illustration from The Housewives Tarot by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum, published by Quirk Books, 2004.


2 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: Judgement

  1. Wow, five people ordered it, that’s great. It is an interesting, fresh deck. Must still be in print too, so many decks today go OOP very quickly which is frustrating.


    • I know! I think its vibrancy appeals. It’s so lively and colourful and fun! And yes, it still seems to be in print and can be bought for good prices here. I do really like its courts (although I do notice that the Knight of Swords is very much how I imagine the Knight of Wands to be). Great characters though, each and every one of them.


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