Your Card for Today: King of Swords

King of Swords BlogThis week has been full of court cards; for today, we are confronted with the King of Swords.

In this version, from The Housewives Tarotwe see a stern looking man seated beside his barbecue. Rather than a sword, he holds a lengthy kebab.

I do like it when a creator uses colours to differentiate between the Major Arcana and the Minor suits, as they have here. In this deck, the Majors are bordered in black, the Swords are red, the Cups are blue, the Pentacles are green and the Wands are brown. I would usually associate the colour red with Fire and the suit of Wands – connecting the element of Air with yellow – but these associations are not too difficult to get used to.

This guy is connected to the mind and thoughts; being a King, he is a master of both. Many tarot commentators connect him to justice and the law because of his superiority in decision-making and interest in disentangling what is right from what is wrong within a situation.

The King of Swords may not concern the law today but it is likely that you are putting a situation under scrutiny or feel as though you are being judged. In some situations, he will be someone you seek out for professional and impartial advice. This may or may not be legal advice.

How do you connect with the energy of this card today? Is he helping or judging you? The King of Swords is not always an easy card to spend time with. Are you intimidated by his presence or is it you who is being overcritical and detaching yourself from the heart of an important situation?




Illustration from The Housewives Tarot by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum, published by Quirk Books, 2004.


2 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: King of Swords

  1. I like the shish-kabob. 🙂 It’s like he has his thoughts prioritized, and reminds me that sometimes what I spend a lot of time thinking about is not very beneficial – I need to focus on the steak instead of the tomato!


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