You Card for Today: Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups BlogFor today, another court card from The Housewives TarotThis time, we meet with the Queen of Cups.

As with yesterday’s Page of Wands, we might assume a number of things when we receive this card. It could suggest a woman within our life, an aspect of our self, or provide advice regarding a situation within our day.

This Queen of Cups sits in her arm-chair and attends to her drink. Maybe her beverage is a symbol of her emotions, since she likes to keep it topped up and it receives all of her attention.

With emotion (represented by the suit of Cups and the element of Water) running through her veins, the person or aspect of ourself acknowledged by this card is romantic, etherial, spiritual, and makes their judgements by how they feel, rather than think. In some situations, the introspection of the Queen of Cups is both admired and well-received. If she is a woman in your life, she brings compassion and emotional understanding. Could she be a friend, offering her ear for you today? This is something she is good at.

In the accompanying manual for this deck, it reads ‘Her intoxicating qualities leave others feeling a bit tipsy, and her propensity for sentimental musings often leads to neglect of household responsibilities’. This is true. The person (either male or female) represented by the Queen of Cups spends a lot of time within their inner-world: this can cause them to either forget about or abandon what might urgently need attention in their physical environment.

How does the Queen of Cups impact on today? Is she a close and compassionate friend or does she open the door for you to access your own feelings? When this card enters your day, it could suggest that you contact your own inner-world a little more regularly and deal with a prominent situation with your heart, rather than your head.

Reflection and emotional understanding is always beneficial but make sure that you find your way back to the real world today and put some of what you have learned into practice.




Illustration from The Housewives Tarot by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum, published by Quirk Books, 2004.


2 thoughts on “You Card for Today: Queen of Cups

  1. This reminds me of my Mom. When Dad got home from work, they would have “Happy Hour” and a drink or two before dinner with a small snack. My Dad liked scotch on ice, so they often had that. It was a time to blow off some steam from the day and talk about what happened, to relax before dinner. She already has dinner in hand, the casserole is in the oven, and she dusted the living room, so she’s all set to sit and relax with the spouse.

    Another layer, should you decide to use it on your mission to the Land of Cups….


    • I like that layer, Judy. It is a really nice story to accompany this version in particular. I can see characteristics of the queen in your story – that moment where she relaxes and listens to your dad’s stories of the day. It’s a lovely image and fits so well with this lady from the Housewives Tarot!


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