Your Card for Today: Page of Wands

Wands Page BlogI like that we are seeing more than one Page from the Housewives Tarot this week. Firstly, because Pages represent youth and fresh sources of inspiration; but also because I think this deck presents them so well. Aside from enjoying the illustrations, I get a sense of that playful and enthusiastic energy which comes with both children and new things.

For today, we have the Page of Wands.

In recent times, I have been around very young children. Although not walking yet, their energy to move and get about is not hindered, despite the odd knock or bump they endure in getting from A to B. I see this energy in the Page of Wands. He is an explorer and is eager to get things started. In many ways he is held back by his lack of experience and understanding of the world, but he still throws himself into each and every situation regardless and without fear.

In readings, I will tell a client that this card could mean a handful of things. Yes, he could be a child or young person in your life, eager to make a mark on his or her environment and try new things. Similarly, he might be a playful and excitable aspect of your own personality. However old we are, we still have the potential to become excited by new things or feel an overwhelming sense of passion. For some people, this card can bring about a fresh beginning or exciting news. One or more of these interpretations for the Page of Wands could apply in your day.

Can you feel the energy of this Page within you? Have you had some exciting news or is a new project or passionate partnership impacting your day? Think of this card as a small flame. Nurture it, like you would a child, and let its ability to inspire and motivate guide you today.




Illustration from The Housewives Tarot by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum, published by Quirk Books, 2004.



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