Your Card for Today: The Devil

DevFor today, from The Housewives Tarot (Kepple & Buffum), we have The Devil.

Here is a lighthearted take on the archetype. However, it is no less relevant because of it’s bold and cheeky makeup. In this version of the card, we are alerted to both temptation and that part of us which can become unbalanced.

In this 1950s-style take of the card, The Devil becomes a chocolate cake. This may or may not represent your own personal temptations but it symbolises those things which we tie our self to and which can become a problem if unchecked. What is the harm in a piece of cake? For most of us, nothing. But what about the second slice, or maybe the third?

The Devil is not a force to fear but is something to be aware of. It isn’t an external being (like the cake itself or a horned creature), but instead, is the aspect of us which desires beyond reason. In short, we are not hijacked by our desires: we seek them out voluntarily. Often, it is those things we know are not healthy which we crave. This isn’t limited to just booze, cake and cigarettes though: many people can become addicted to spending or will voluntarily stay in unhealthy relationships when they know they ought to leave them. What is the real reason behind our desires?

Kepple and Buffam say “Oh, how the Devil loves seemingly simple solutions and indulgent luxuries! It’s not good to repress these temptations entirely, but take great care to not let such vices rule your life”.

What does the chocolate cake represent in your day? Are you in control of it or is it in control of you?




Illustration from The Housewives Tarot by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum, published by Quirk Books, 2004.


4 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: The Devil

  1. The Devil (for me) represents those place in my life where I try to change an internal feeling with something external. It only works for a moment, and then I have to add guilt to the other feeling I originally was trying to deal with!


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