Your Card for Today: 6 of Wands

six of StaffsFor this last day with Tarot of a Moon Gardenwe find another card from the suit of Staffs (0r Wands). In this one, we find a unicorn roaming triumphantly through a wooded area. The image is traditional to a point; the unicorn wears the victory wreath, but it lacks the recognition depicted in most other decks which follow Waite. Regardless of this, I like it. I considered buying this deck for many years and I must admit that it is not at all how I thought it would be.

As we move into today, we must ask our self what we have achieved this week. You might think that an achievement needs to be big but this 6 of Wands, without the parade or followers, could well be speaking about personal triumph – victories which we have won but do not necessarily have to shout from the rooftops.

Have you made a step toward something you wish for? For some people, one step is an achievement in itself, since the first-step in many situations will always be the hardest. Look at the week behind you and note those things you have succeeded in, both big and small. Each is deserving of praise, if only in the form of self-satisfaction.

It has been a long week with Tarot of the Moon Garden. Although pretty, it is a shy set which could easily be forgotten when out of sight. Its palette is paler in the hand than I’d imagined it to be and many of the images are alike. In contrast, I will be ramping things up on the blog tomorrow with an injection of colour and fun, in the shape of a new deck for the week.




Illustration from Tarot of a Moon Garden by Karen Marie Sweikhardt, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


2 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: 6 of Wands

  1. Thanks for the reminder to look back over the week for successes, probably something we should do every week. Thinking about it, my week, though frustrating at the time, worked out pretty well! Hope yours did, too 🙂


    • That’s a great idea, Chloe. A little assessment at the end of each week, where we can count the successes, rather than those things we consider to be failures. For you, overcoming the problems of your week has been a success in itself!


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