Your Card for Today: 8 of Wands

Staffs8As we move towards the weekend, we draw the 8 of Staffs (or Wands in some decks).

We connect this card with the element of Fire. When you think about fire, think about movement, drive and enthusiasm. In trying to get a handle on the 8 of Staffs, you might want to think of a forest fire, which blazes out of control. All you need is a spark and it can bulldoze its way through a landscape at great speed.

The design of this card is pretty traditional. Many versions show wands shooting through the air in this way. They convey swiftness and things gaining momentum. Sometimes, this card will concern travel or the delivery of something.

The elegant butterflies in this card look a little startled as they’re jostled by the flying staffs. This card’s energy can affect some of us in the same way. Not everyone enjoys swift change or wish to hit the ground running.

Movement and change is afoot today and things are speeding up. How do you react to this? Do you scream with joy or is this a ride you want to get off of? In some cases, you’ll be excited by the spirit of this card – maybe you have been waiting on the finer details of a house-sale to go through or something you’ve been asking for has now arrived. The 8 of Staffs speeds things up and a quick turnaround can be welcome sometimes. However, certain scenarios may become overwhelming when rushed – is a relationship moving too quickly for you or are you not ready for something which you had hoped would come around much later, rather than sooner.

Assess how you cope with this energy today. Are you happy to be pulled along by the fiery energy or is it a time to put the breaks on and slow things down?




Illustration from Tarot of a Moon Garden by Karen Marie Sweikhardt, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


6 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: 8 of Wands

        • There are some details you don’t notice at first (such as someone hiding behind a tree) but generally, there is not much to grab hold of. I can see where it could get some use for me with others, when using standard meanings, but if you wanted to delve deeper, it might not deliver.


  1. Oh goodness. This is one of my favorite minor arcana cards. I’d say 90% of the time, this is a good card. It means progress and things arriving when I need them to. I’m sure the negative meaning can apply (especially when negatively influenced by other cards), but I feel like there’s a kind of energetic lightness to this–like things are flying forward–you’re on a magic carpet ride. One time I got a check in the mail 10 minutes after getting this card. LOL.

    Much Love,


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