Your Card for Today: The Chariot

chariotAs we embark on this week, we find a new deck to take our hand on the journey. This time, it is Tarot of a Moon Garden by Karen Marie Sweikhardt.

Even though this tarot is twenty-two years old, it is a new edition for me. While out in London this weekend, I snatched it up from my favourite tarot shop, Watkins. It follows traditional Waite symbolism, but in a lot of the cards, this is watered-down and really needs to be searched for. I was attracted to the nighttime scenes and the plant life reminded me of Kew Gardens, where we spent most of yesterday. For today, we have drawn The Chariot.

This card picks up on most of the details you’d find in the Rider Waite. However, there is a stronger sense of movement in this version. It really feels as though this guy is making some kind of progress.

When The Chariot arrives in our day, this guy brings triumph and success. You might notice that the horses pull in different directions; these represent his opposition, which must be controlled and overcome. In short, this is a card of focus and the horses could suggest scattered interest, which needs pulling into line.

It might seem a bit out-of-place to receive a card like this on our day of rest, but this card sets the tone for our week ahead. It enhances success and triumph over adversity, should we be willing to forge ahead with a strong and focused mindset.

Can you see where you are going? Might you benefit from concentrating on the goals ahead and tailoring your will? Think about where you wish to be. What adjustments do you need to make right now to get there? Sometimes, it simply takes tapping into the confidence of the charioteer and keeping your eye on the prize to inspire both yourself and those in the world around you. You needn’t board your chariot today, but use this Sunday to hone your thoughts, get your mindset harnessed, and direct your aim for the rest of your week.




Illustration from Tarot of a Moon Garden by Karen Marie Sweikhardt, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


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