Your Card for Today: The Star

The StarHere is a card which should be a welcome sight for all of us. From the New Mythic Tarot, we find The Star.

Usually, The Star is a difficult one to explain. In tarot, the more positive cards usually are! But in this version, Juliet Sharman-Burke has conveyed the message well, using Pandora as it’s central character. It has made it one of my favourite depictions of The Star.

Even though warned not to open the box by Epimetheus, this image shows the moment when Pandora does. As a punishments for the human race, Zeus filled the chest with a host of terrible afflictions – old age, labour, sickness, insanity, vice and passion – and left it on Earth to be discovered. However, when the box was being closed, Hope had managed to get locked inside with the rest of them.

How has your week been so far? Sometimes, we may feel as though we are drowning amongst our own afflictions. Don’t we all have those days when nothing seems to go right and everyone is against us? What afflictions are you fighting?

In this illustration, Pandora gazes in the direction of the light. Hope becomes the star which guides her into the future, even if she feels overwhelmed by the difficulties which surround her and darken the world at this moment.

Where is Hope within your day? Can you clear away the negative, the worry, the confrontational and the doubt and locate that light either within your heart or in the murky world around you? Even though just a spark, Hope beckons you forward and provides a doorway to walk through.




Illustration from New Mythic Tarot by Giovanni Caselli, published by Connections.


4 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: The Star

  1. Good ideas from the book.

    When I look at the figure, she reminds me of a glass figurine on a mirror–you know those inexpensive ones you can buy? I quite like the whole image.


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