Your Card for Today: Justice

JustIs it really Thursday already? As we reach today, we come up against Lady JusticeSitting right in front of us with a fixed stare and no emotion, her body language can make most people feel just the slightest bit uncomfortable.

Within the context of the New Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman Burke, Justice is played by Athene. In this image, she holds an upright sword, a set of scales and has an owl perched on her shoulder. The floor is in black and white. There are no mid-shades with this woman.

Athene is the daughter of Zeus. However, due to a prophesy (of which there are many in Greek Mythology), Zeus was warned that any child he had with Athene’s mother would be more powerful than he. To combat this, he swallowed Metis before she gave birth. However, Zeus eventually became tormented by a terrible headache. His head was split open with a bronze axe and out sprang Athene, dressed in full armour. She quickly became Zeus’s favourite. Even though a warrior, Athene’s battles derived from principle and the desire to uphold and preserve the truth.

For today, this card suggests that we look at the world through the eyes of Lady Justice. This is not a time for an emotional response; should you have a decision which needs making, this card suggests that your approach should be both rational and impartial.

Justice judges by the facts within a situation. In certain scenarios, this may seem a little harsh. As you move forward today, think about the consequences of everything you say and do. Although they may have little bearing on what happens this week, the energies of this card will either reward you for the good or reprimand you for the bad in time to come. Athene reminds us that where we sit now how has everything to do with our past words and actions. How does what you say and do today affect your future?




Illustration from New Mythic Tarot by Giovanni Caselli, published by Connections.


10 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: Justice

    • Yes, absolutely. I like this card, but I prefer the original. I have found this version a bit more tight-lipped as I’ve been using it this week. These images are not so easy to get inside of. As much as I enjoy the stories and over all set-up of the deck, I don’t think I will miss it much when I change to a new deck on Sunday.


    • We had a bank holiday here, so I guess that has made the week seem that bit shorter. But the weeks seems to be buzzing past at the moment!

      Yes, I can see that, re the Parrott Tarot. I do like the coolness of this card.


      • Are we the only two people who remember the Parrott Tarot? I went to so much trouble to buy it. I don’t think I would do that today even if i have the money.


        • Haha. I remember it, but it was not one I was interested in (I was probably put off by the large banners at the bottom in those days).

          Sometimes, if something is too difficult to get hold of then maybe it is not meant to be. There are some wonderful creations out there but many times, I am put off if it looks as though it is going to be a big deal to get hold of. This may become the case more, since a lot of the really interesting stuff is self-published and not as easy or cheap to obtain.


  1. What a black-and-white day. Not much action, but yes, that owl does ring of vigilance.

    Do you have days in which you feel like you prefer other oracles than the tarot? Lately I find that I can use tarot for work, but it doesn’t speak much to me in my personal draws. There are a lot of questions and spreads posted as prompts on Tumblr. When I use my working decks for them, they don’t feel too… insightful. Kind of generic, actually.

    Been immersing my attention in cartomancy, particularly Ana Cortez’s method. That may be why… but I’ve yet to really click with them and have the cards really interact. Still fumbling my way through card meanings.

    What luxury, for us to have so many decks to count on.

    Hope you and your loved ones are well! Sending you a hug. : )

    Monica Laura


    • I can understand what you mean. It is one of the reasons why I have brought a different deck to the blog each week. Even though it was fun to explain my own cards, different versions of the tarot can bring about new ways of looking at them – such as when combined with the Greek Myths here. Sometimes, I find that the added extras can sharpen my focus or allow my intuition to step through a side-door. For working though, I still continue to lean on the shoulder of the RWS (or sometimes the Llewellyn Classic or Spiral).

      There was a few weeks where all of my draws on Instagram were from oracles – the Chronicles of Destiny, coupled with evening oracle cards. I have never been much of an oracle reader in the past, so it has been fun to experiment. I remember the magic of tarot from when I first started reading the cards. Maybe it is possible that discovering new systems (like Ana’s or the Ellershaw’s) resurrects that magic once again?

      As always, hugs to you too Monica Laura! 🙂


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