Your Card for Today: The Hanged Man

Hanged ManAs we all return to our routines after Easter, we are greeted with The Hanged Man from The New Mythic Tarot. In this version of the card, we find Prometheus from Greek Mythology.

The titan Prometheus is shown chained to a rock upside down. Since he defied the law of Zeus by steeling fire from the Gods to give to man, it was his punishment to be bound for thirty years, devoured each day by an eagle. It was said that the human race was made from both the earth and Prometheus’s own tears, so this endurance was a sacrifice he made for their greater good.

For today, this card encourages us to look at the sacrifices we make. Could you sacrifice something for the greater good of yourself or for another person? Prometheus had the gift of prophecy (his name meaning ‘foresight’) but there was a great amount of trust invested on his part too. Due to his vision, he knew he would suffer this ordeal; however, he decided to do what he could for the greater good of the people, knowing that they would not evolve without the element of fire.

As you move through today, think of those things which you could sacrifice for others or for a general greater good. These might be physical things in life which you can do without, but could also be an ideal or belief you hold close. This card could suggest difficult study, sticking to a healthy eating regime, or the resistance to spend – each of these may be hard to embrace but will garner substantial reward in time. Similarly, taking a step back in an argument or not thinking of your own gain in a situation could provide you with deeper satisfaction in the long run. Prometheus had the ability to see how his own trade-off would affect mankind. As we begin today, can you see where your own sacrifices and self-imposed restrictions might be to the advantage of both yourself and others further down the track?




Illustration from New Mythic Tarot by Giovanni Caselli, published by Connections.


4 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: The Hanged Man

  1. I didn’t realize Prometheus could foresee the future; now that is a true sacrifice, choosing to act in spite of what one knows will happen! And to be able to do it for the benefit of all rather than a chosen few says a lot.


    • Yes, they do look a bit strange in places. In some, the problem is the colouring and shading, which doesn’t bring the characters out, but almost subdues them. I think that it doesn’t sit so well in many cards because of the juxtaposition of styles – photographic elements and line drawing can jar quite badly if the drawing doesn’t have as much detail.

      I can relate to this card today also. I like the backstory, which makes it interesting to read with.


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