Your Card for Today: 2 of Cups

Cups Knight copyFrom the New Mythic Tarotwe have the 2 of Cups for today.

In the suit of Cups from this deck, we are introduced to the story of Eros and Psyche. In this particular card, we witness their meeting.

In Greek Myth, Athrodite instructed her son, Eros, to kill Psyche, due to her jealousy of the girls beauty. Unfortunately, when approaching Psyche, who was imprisoned on a rock and awaiting her fate, Eros accidentally pricked himself with one of his golden arrows, causing him to fall deeply in love with her. This card depicts the beginning of their love affair.

The 2 of Cups usually suggests the coming together of two people. Within your day, it is likely that your meetings will not be as dramatic as the one between Psyche and Eros, but this card does describe first meetings which could become important. For the person seeking love, it depicts the energy of a prospective new partner. Keeping an eye might not be a bad thing.

Generally, this card brings about partnerships of an emotional nature today. As well as new friends and prospective lovers, this card can represent the healing of old relationships and the appreciation of existing ones. How does this card sit with you? Is there a new union you are considering? Are you contemplating healing the wounds of a difficult relationship or simply spending time with someone you care for.

For today, concentrate on the relationships in your life – the old, the existing, and the new. How can a friend be of assistance or a new bond become a benefit?




Illustration from New Mythic Tarot by Giovanni Caselli, published by Connections.


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