Your Card for Today: Knight of Cups

Cups KnightFor this week, I am drawing from the New Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene.

I bought the original Mythic Tarot about fifteen years ago. I’d found it in a small bookshop by the coast and quickly became attached to the images and the stories which accompanied them. Like many, I was shocked when the original set was taken out of print and replaced by this version, illustrated by Giovanni Caselli in 2008. The greatest surprise was that the original artist of the Mythic Tarot, Tricia Newell, had not been informed and only found out that her paintings had been redrawn and published via an online forum.

This newer version did not go down well with Mythic purists. Most people preferred Tricia’s softer style and felt that the way the new deck had bypassed her into publication was unfair. I prefer Tricia’s cards but thought I would finally give this set a workout on the reading table.

For today, we have the Knight of Cups. From Greek Mythology, we are greeted with Perseus.

Perseus, son of Zeus, was a hero who fought for no more than his love of women. Not only did he kill Medusa for the love of his own mother, Danae, he also won the favour of Athene and rescued his future wife, Andomeda, from the clutches of a sea monster. In today’s card, we see him in pursuit of the perfect relationship.

Ruled by Pisces, this card will often concern love and the lover. This could be the idealistic or romantic side of our self, a suitor, or an emotional proposal.

Who does Perseus symbolise in your day? Are you feeling romantic, perhaps? Or are you on hot pursuit of something you love? Today is about sharing your emotions and, like Perseus, fighting for those who are truly important to you. However, with the Knight of Cups comes a warning. Don’t lose touch with your mind entirely. Sometimes, we can become so blinded by our love for something or someone who we can become taken advantage of or miss what is really going on in a situation. Share the love, but don’t lose your wits in the process!




Illustration from New Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene, illustrated by Giovani Casseli, published by Connections 2008


8 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: Knight of Cups

  1. Today my husband is coming to visit us for Easter. So there will be love but I always have to be careful not to expect anything more then what I see today. When I stay aware of how things are between us now my mind will stay calm and I won’t get sad and disappointed (agian)


  2. I prefer Caselli’s artwork.

    I find it hard to understand why people get attached to older images in a previous edition. If you have the older deck it doesn’t really matter. I would think it would be fun to compare the two versions? Well, I would find it fun!


    • I remember you preferring this version. I like Caselli’s artwork generally, but in this set, I think that computer elements don’t sit so well with the painted and hand drawn. I think the Sharman-Caselli style would have been nicer. It’s all down to personal tastes really. It is proving nice to work with and I find it refreshing to see the two different styles.

      As I always said, nobody has a problem with Pamela Colman Smiths drawings being reinterpreted over and over. It would have been nice to see Caselli’s own interpretations of the myths though, rather than the illustrations being so similar. Wasn’t the Wildwood quite different to the Greenwood, rather than a straight copy? I don’t know much about the Greenwood.


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