Your Card for Today: Ascension

ascensionFor our last day with Oracle of the Angels, we have Ascension.

This was one of the first cards I noticed in this set. I like how Duguay has incorporated the open hands into the tree. From within them, we can see a bright light. I am guessing that we should enter through the doorway to receive its blessings.

This card concerns nature and the natural world. The light in this card symbolises the deep reservoir of peace within us, which we can tap into by redeveloping our relationship with the plants, trees and animals around us.

There are so many miracles and beauties within nature to be seen; even on the shortest of routes or in the most built up of areas. You just need to look out for them. These days, our heads are buried in mobile phones and our brains have been hijacked by Facebook, Twitter and text messages. Many of us miss so much.

Whatever your situation or location, if you want to experience the beauty of the world today, get out and feel it! Marvel at the shapes of the trees or the tenderness of the flowers, who are just opening their eyes to Spring. If you cannot be parted from your gadgets or social media, play some inspiring music through your I-pod to as you walk or share the natural world around you through a photo or two on Instagram. Many people are recording and sharing their adventures in nature through their amateur photography these days, which I love.

Find some time to reconnect with the world around you today, since it offers healing. You don’t need to climb a mountain or visit the Rainforest to do this. Yoy just need to make use of all of your senses. There are many natural wonders on your doorstep if you make it your goal to look for them! The peace we seek within can often be found when we link and make contact with the peace of the natural world around us.




Illustration from Oracle of the Angels by Mario Duguay, published by Blue Angel, 2014


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