Your Card for Today: I Am Beautiful

i am beautifulFrom the Oracle of the Angelswe have I am Beautiful today.

I really enjoy this image. Even though coated in pastel and saccharine, I like how those large hands merge into the landscape and hold the pool of water.

What I hadn’t noticed at first (or even on second or third glance), is how the land beneath them is cracked and dry. The trees at the side are not full like those enveloped in the hands, but bare. The woman stands and looks toward the glowing palace in the distance. However, her present location is as far from its wealth and wonder as could possibly be.

The book which accompanies this deck doesn’t mention the cracked ground – it only speaks about how beautiful we are – so I am guessing that what is held within the hands is our soul and individuality.

We all have days when we feel cracked or dry. We have times when we feel that we don’t fit in or are not good enough. This card shows you the pure beauty within us all. So what if you are not 25 anymore or aren’t wearing the latest threads. So what if you don’t have a glamorous job or are not the perfect size 10. These things are only skin-deep. Real beauty is not in what you wear or what you look like; it is in your intent and kindness. The hands in this card are showing just how beautiful that really is.

Remember that you are important. If people take the trouble to look, they will be able to see the real beauty within all of us.  Similarly, we must look passed the cracks and search for the soul within those we meet, however difficult this can be sometimes. Express compassion and understanding today. Smile and show those you come into contact with what is really beautiful about you!


Illustrations from Oracle of the Angels by Mario Duguay, published by Blue Angel Publishing, 2014


2 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: I Am Beautiful

  1. I see this also as the gift of realizing your own beauty which you only have to be willing to receive. Acknowledging your own beauty can as difficult as receiving a compliment 🙂


    • Very much so, Ellen. I like that take on it too. I think that this could be a very powerful card for many people and could open up many doors for self-discovery and self-appreciation!


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