Your Card for Today: King of Wands

King of WandsFor our last day with Winged Spirit Tarot, we meet with the King of Wands. Interestingly, I have drawn a Major and one card from each suit this week.

In this image, the king has joined with his suit emblem. Standing above the wand, he has complete control of its power.

This king is an interesting one. Personally, he was never a court member I used to identify with but I can see how he has developed within my character over the years. In the world, he is someone who leads and is used to taking control. But he is not the person who controls with money: instead, it is with charisma or drive, since his job is to inspire and guide others. Many of us take the lead in friendships and groups or find ways of inspiring the world around them. In many ways, these leadership qualities can be an asset, but egotism and dominance can also play a part when this card is in play.

Who is the King of Wands in your life? Maybe it is you who possesses his energies today. This card might be advising you to take the reins and lead. Could this card suggest a group who needs a leader? The card may be describing your ability to inspire. Are you creating a following online or in your community?

Becoming a leader requires responsibility. How do you use or misuse your influence today?




Illustration from Winged Spirit Tarot by David Sexton, published by U. S. Games, 1999 


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