Your Card for Today: 7 of Swords

7sworFor today, from Winged Spirit Tarot, we have the 7 of Swords.

The two characters from this suit, the man and the hooded angel, almost perform a dance through theor ten cards. In this one, they hover in midair. The man begins to turn away from the angel and tries to hide his seven swords.

This card is often associated with deceit and the untrustworthy. It is one which sometimes comes up in readings to predict an unfaithful partner or an associate who can not be trusted. In other situations, it will advise us to take those things which we need. The problem here is that this kind of action could offend sensitive others or might be considered as selfishness or a betrayal.

How does this card sit with you today? Are you feeling suspicious about a person or specific situation today? Could someone be hiding something from sight. Are you the one who is concealing something from another person?

At times, we tell a harmless little white lie or two or do things which appear selfish. Think about this today. It is sometimes worthy to look out for yourself, think about what you need, or help yourself to something you think you deserve, but consider how these actions might affect the people around you. Not everybody sees things in the same way as you will.




Illustration from Winged Spirit Tarot by David Sexton, published by U. S. Games.




2 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: 7 of Swords

  1. I’ve always been overly sensitive to how my taking care of myself could affect others. Sometimes it is necessary to take what you need despite of what others might think.


    • I like that slant, Ellen. This card could mean both being sensitive but also being too sensitive, hiding things from people who may not be able to deal with them. In that sense, it opens up a new interpretation, which I like. Thanks.


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