Your Card for Today: Judgment

JudgementFor today, we have Judgment from David Sexton’s Winged Spirit Tarot.

I didn’t remember this version when I turned it over today. At the time of buying this deck, I would probably not have realised that its imagery isn’t wholly traditional. In this illustration, Archangel Michael  (who appears in the Christian legends of Judgment Day) is shown defeating the satanic dragon.

Even though the title assigned to this card is Reaping Rewards, I usually see Judgment as a time of waking up and responding to some kind of calling.

We often think of a calling as being something major. In some cases it is, but this card can bring about a need for change after reflection and evaluation within everyday scenarios as well. There will be times when we look at things and decide what we need to take forward in a situation and consider what we must leave behind. We make our own judgements.

What decisions are you making for today? What realisations have you come to? Did you wake up this morning and smell the coffee, so to speak? Today is about shaping your future and using both your instinct and intellect to instigate change. When I look at this version of Judgment, I see Michael as making a stand; he defeats what is no longer important, once and for all, because he knows he cannot move forward on his journey without dealing with it.




Illustration from Winged Spirit Tarot by David Sexton, published by U. S. Games Systems, Inc. 1999


6 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: Judgment

  1. For me this card has a visual association with the conch and the ear’s spiral and the way those two dance with each other, sound and listening giving birth to each other simultaneously. It’s a bit of a non-traditional interpretation, I realize, but for me it brings to mind the Buddhist statement that ‘all being comes into form through sound’. And the Judgement card has these associations for me, not only of responding to a call but also a remembering of our sacred source, the way the lung actually crawled out of the ocean. That kind of depth lineage is what we’re being asked to rise to, the majesty of a precious human birth with an awareness of the minutiae that went into our current condition.


    • That is non-traditional interpretation, but an interesting one. I like the idea, connected with the Buddhist statement, suggesting that things come to life from this kind of calling. This could happen at any time during our life, that we are ‘truly’ born through an interest or situation which calls us into action. Some lovely thoughts there, Rose, thank you!


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