Your Card for Today: 4 of Pentacles

spheres 4From the Winged Spirit Tarotwe have the 4 of Spheres (Pentacles) today.

One of the things I like about the design of the Minor Arcana in this set is that a different colour dominates each suit. The suit of Spheres (Earth, Pentacles) is washed throughout with green. From 1-10, each of the suits show the same set of its own characters. Within the suit of Spheres, we see a young woman and an angel.

In this scenario, the woman clutches tightly to her spheres. She looks down to them affectionally, as though they were a baby. The angel beside her looks sombre.

Today’s card has two meanings. For some of us, it will regard holding onto our finances. On occasion, this card can warn of potential financial difficulties on the horizon. It might be reminding you to hold on to the pennies that bit tighter than you have recently, since you may have greater need for them a little further down the track.

For others, the card will have quite a different message. Have you been holding on to your money or possessions too tightly? Saving can be commendable but we mustn’t become controlled by the physical things in life. The angel in this card will remind you that they are never as important as spending time with family and loved ones.

If you can afford to relinquish a little cash or share your possessions with others, then today might just be the day for it. The 4 of Pentacles is a worthy warning against spending money willy-nilly, but it also reminds us of an old saying  – we can’t take our money and possessions with us. Is this card suggesting we simply enjoy them today?

Which message from the Winged Spirits rings true for you? How can you bring about balance within your physical life?




Illustration from Winged Spirit Tarot by David Sexton, published by U. S. Games Systems, Inc. 1999


4 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: 4 of Pentacles

  1. I often check certain cards out in a deck to see if I like them. I like to see The Hermit, The Chariot, the 3 of Swords (anything but the stabbed heart), the Queen of Swords, and lately this is one I pay attention to. How does the artist get across the 4 of Pentacles?

    This is quite powerful to see her holding those rocks like a baby–gives some perception to how we hang onto things without reason. This is why I think it important to have more than one deck, you get that interpretive thing going on across archetypes, and one will leap out and really get into your mind with understanding.


    • I do the same, Judy. I look for the Knight of Wands and Knight of Cups, the Hermit, Hanged Man.

      Sexton says of the 4 of Spheres – “The woman holds four globes tightly in her arms with her body turned away from the sombre angel. The ‘4’ reveals a time when we may have become attached to material things, holding on too tightly to our possessions may limit true abundance”.

      I agree that we can strengthen our understanding of a card by looking around at different versions (or even creating our own). I always suggest people stick with one for beginning their studies, but encourage brooding their horizons when they have got a good basic understanding. It can make for great revelations and ideas.


  2. I like is how you expand on the meaning of this card. it is not all about greed. These days when the economy isn’t that healthy, it can also be about frugality and how to work with what you have and be grateful for that.


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