Your Card for Today: High Priestess

HP WPFor this week, I am using David Sexton’s Winged Spirit Tarot. In my seventeen or so years of tarot, this was one of the first decks I bought. I found it in a little spiritual shop tucked away in the back streets of Croydon.

Sexton assigns his High Priestess to the angel Gabriel, depicted with the lilies of the annunciation. Because it was she who told Mary of her pregnancy with the divine child, this card is linked to both the secrets of our own life and those things which might not seem immediately rational. As with other traditional Priestess cards, this one concerns shutting down the logical path and listening to a voice within our subconscious instead.

For today, we must trust our instinct and lean on a wisdom which exists beyond our rational mind. I often call this card our build-in satellite navigation, since its wisdom steps in and guides us when we are unsure of which way to turn next.

How do you feel about specific situations today? Is there someone you are just not sure about? If you are feeling pushed into a corner or are unsure of what you must do, let your inner-voice be the decider. It might not always jive with the logical world, but our gut reactions are what we must lay our trust in today.




Illustration from Winged Spirit Tarot by David Sexton, published by U.S.Games, 1999


4 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: High Priestess

  1. You picked an interesting and my favorite card in Tarot world, Steve, i like High Priestess , it seems she stalks me too everytime i read about myself LOL, Wish you happy as always!



    • This version looks very different to how I usually think of the High Priestess. But I do like her. She obviously has a message for you! To trust your inner feelings!

      Great to hear from you on here! Wishing you all the best too!


  2. I have this deck, and this is one of my favorite cards in it. The High Priestess is one of my favorite cards in Tarot, and I always welcome her appearance in a reading.
    Thanks for sharing this, Steven!


    • I have realised over time that I prefer decks with not too much going on in them. I’d forgotten about this one. At the time of buying it, I think I found it difficult to read and it got put away. There are some lovely images – The Moon is my favourite, I think. I was never really struck with this HP until I worked with her today.


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