Your Card for Today: Page of Cups

Cups Page WS copyFor the beginning of this week, we have a card from Winged Spirit Tarot by David Sexton.

In today’s card, we see a young angelic figure resting on a cup. It would seem that the cup is oversized. Or is it that the boy is undersized? Whichever way we look at it, what is held within the chalice is most likely too much for the angels small stature.

This card often comes up when we embark on new relationships, since we often rush in and are consumed by new love or emotional excitement. On other occasions, this card will arise when we are overwhelmed by emotional issues and are not equipped to deal with them.

For today, the Page of Cups might bring about emotional messages or the first stirrings of an exciting situation. For many, this won’t be a problem, but not all of us are emotionally mature enough to deal with what is put in front of us. When exposing his heart, this Page can be left vulnerable.

How do you respond to emotional messages today? How do you approach new relationships, emotional or otherwise? Do you behave with maturity or do you react to situations with the youthfulness and naivety of this young man? The Page of Cups simply wants to give his heart and express his feelings. Maybe you have become cynical within the area of romance and love and need a timely boost of this cards emotional enthusiasm?




Illustration from Winged Spirit Tarot by David Sexton, published by U. S. Games Systems, Inc. 1999


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