March Update

me redMarch has been a month of contemplation for me. As my interest in tarot has matured over the years, I have found that I look for personal advice within the cards far less. A lot of the tools I gained through my study of Kabbalah have served me well and have become my weapons-of-choice within difficult situations. However, I have consulted the cards about decisions regularly this month and they have given me much food for thought!

This has been my birthday month. I celebrated my 43rd birthday quietly. I am different to how I once was and prefer intimate get-togethers to the lavish and large parties I used to organise. I enjoy seeing friends in small groups and am not one for too much of a fuss. I have spent some of March considering what new things I might offer at Tiferet Tarot. Any ideas?

The Wood Behind My House

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 21.37.36In the comments section of last months newsletter, I mentioned my desire to collaborate on the Dark Beach Oracle with my partner. At the time, we thought we might combine and collage seaside images we’d already taken with those we would soon take. We spoke about the idea on drives in the car, but the more that we talked, it became apparent that using only the beach as a backdrop is a little constrictive. He enjoys to take photographs of a wide range of subjects; often juxtaposing the natural world with the manmade.

We are feeling our way around this project gradually, but this month, I have showcased some of his photographs in my daily draws here. They have become part of a small oracle I have affectionately named The Wood Behind My House.

There are many great collaborations going on in the world of tarot and oracle. Of course, a good deal of modern tarot derives from the collaboration of either Crowley and Harris or Waite and Colman Smith, but I am greatly inspired by partnerships like that of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, who enjoy both a personal and professional relationship. It must be wonderful to connect on so many levels.


The Wood behind My House uses Daz’s photography. In contrast to the vibrant photographs he showcases on his Instagram account, these have been diluted with a sepia tint to highlight the emotive aspects of the wood and our natural surroundings. I have accompanied him on his walks; we have made decisions about different subjects and discussed how they might be read through the lens of an oracle. On returning home, he has re-worked some of them and I have added their card titles and meaning. It is lovely to give birth to this project and I look forward to working with him more often. Although he has no formal training in photography, I am sure you will agree that he most definitely has an eye for it. On his Instagram profile, he says “It is amazing what you can see once you start looking”.

Want to spend a week with me?

Week with Steve NewsletterAs those of you who keep up with my reviews here will know, I was extremely impressed with the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards by Josephine & Emily Ellershaw. During this month, I have resumed my Instagram draws with the set and have found a new friend in Emily. This oracle has been my go-to pack for personal guidance of late and I have also found time to explore its magic in readings for friends.

The bulk of my professional appointments are with tarot, but I have been seeking an oracle deck I can use with clients for some time. I have no hesitation in saying that this is it. I am excited to bring Chronicles to my reading table for professional sessions next month.

Even though I enjoy reading for people in person, I would like to expand what I offer over the internet. My online shop already holds readings tailored to specific questions or decks, so I am happy to bring a new package to my arsenal.

Using the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards, I will draw two cards a day for five days (Monday – Friday) and interpret their messages. Each day, my client will receive guidance and insight based on the messages of the cards, which will be picked especially for him or her.

Helen 2015 03 07 blogAre you embarking on a week where you could do with a little extra vision or clarity? Would you enjoy to see what the cards have in store each day and use their wisdom to help direct you? If so, this package could be what you are looking for! Each daily burst of oracular insight will be no more than 500 words and based on the two cards drawn just for you. With a personally designed collage of the two cards (see right), each day’s small reading should provide food for thought, clarification or direction.

This kind of package could be useful for someone entering a difficult time or a fun gift for a friend. As my online readings have already stretched as far as Miami and Hong Kong, I’d like to reach even more people who cannot meet with me in person through both email and Skype.

I am hoping that this will become a popular option in my shop. Of course, the amount of people I can give this kind of reading to at one time will be limited, but bookings can be made in advance so that you can receive the wisdom of the cards on the week you desire.

InstagramCapture_ca4b8a79-1ff1-4e02-9441-8a286540371eIn with the new …

As we move out of March, some things have come to an end, but new things sit on the horizon.

This week, I concluded five weeks of tarot mentoring. My students were extremely enthusiastic throughout and really absorbed a lot of information. By week ‘5’, they were confidently reading tarot, using both traditional meanings and their own intuition. Our last class was one I am sure they will remember for a long time. The cards were extremely accurate and throughout the session, one lady continued to remark ‘I am just blown away by how spot on that reading was’. People do not read for me often but both students gave me a reading before we closed down our tarot classroom together. They read exceptionally well and provided me with a few interesting and important pieces of information, regarding my own question.

With the end of this third cycle of tarot teachings, I will be looking to put together shorter workshops within the next months. I will also be running a self-portrait workshop with another artist at the Turner Contemporary in April. As this month closes down, it was also an honour to have a card from my Spirit within the Shadows Tarot featured in a Blog Hop article by the author and deck creator, Chloë McCracken. You can check it out here.




Should you wish to comment on any of this months stories, please do. As always, I welcome your thoughts, testimonials or questions.

To book an in-person reading with me or to enquire about or reserve a place on any of my workshops or courses at Talking Spirit, please call Lorraine on 07930 539004. Talking Spirit is situated at Mill Yard Craft Centre, 26 Swan St, West Malling, Kent ME19 6LP.

Email readings and products (including ‘A Week with Steve’) are available through my site. To arrange a Skype Reading, contact me at to book a slot and organise payment.

Illustrations from the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards (Josephine & Emily Ellershaw) by Claudia McKinney, published by Schiffer.

Illustrations from The Wood Behind My House by Darren Burt. You can see more of his photography and follow him on Instagram here


8 thoughts on “March Update

  1. Hi Steve I hadn’t realized Darren was you partner, so I didn’t quite understand why you used his pictures for your oracle (lol) They are absolutely stunning. How nice to be such a creative team together. There is a beautiful oracle deck about to be born 🙂


    • Thanks Ellen. He will be really pleased to hear you like them! And yes, they are. He took some photos of beautiful flowers over the weekend, which he has started to post onto his Instagram account. In recent times, we had two framed with personal messages for his nan’s 90th birthday. She was thrilled with them.

      And you are right. It is nice to work as a creative team. I am creative and enjoy to see the creativity in others. Supporting his art is a joy.


  2. Ah the chicken–I remember your holiday and the caravan and chickens. The Path reminds me of the woods behind our house and a magical day in the snow with our dear dog Abby who is now dead. I really like the way you’ve tinted these.

    So nice your course really sets a good foundation for readers.


    • We loved those chickens, Judy. They used to run like crazy in a line every morning, just to come and see us. This chicken is from the children’s zoo in Crystal Palace Park.

      I’m glad that the image reminds you of that beautiful day with Abby. It’s strange but these cards have brought a lot out of me, which I didn’t expect them to; especially when journaling about them here. I like Daz’s initial photos very much because they are so strong in colour, but for this oracle, they needed to sit back a bit. The tinting allows them to speak that bit more gently.

      The ladies have a grounding in tarot now. They can go where they want with that but I think it has provided them with a little more confidence and the deck is less of a mystery for them now. Learning about the cards opens up more pathways than closes them, I believe.


    • Thanks Chloe. It is really just an idea at the moment, but I think it will evolve into something.

      I am excited about the ‘Week with Steve’ too. Nobody has bought one yet but I did a trial on a friend and got some very positive feedback. I think the continuity makes it original. I adore the Chronicles deck, so it is a pleasure to do. I see myself working with that a lot more.


    • Thanks for commenting Mikey.

      I really enjoy the Chronicles deck. I have been drawing with it on my Instagram account daily and also have a review here, if that helps –

      So far, I have not heard of many people who do not appreciate the set. It is very attractive and has a great system behind it which is easy to learn and practice with.


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