Your Card for Today: The Rainbow

therainbowAs we walk into the weekend, we meet with a stunning rainbow.

The Rainbow within this image reaches down to touch the earth. Some cultures see it as a bridge to the heavens. In Greek mythology, Iris is the personification of the rainbow and a messenger who links the gods to humanity.

In this deck, the card represents blessings. If you think about it, we often see a rainbow after a storm. In life, this symbol reflects hope and peace after difficult times, which is how it reads in this oracle.

Quite often, we miss the miraculous in life. We don’t look up from our phones, past the atrocities of war, or further than our own opinions to see what wonderful things are going on in the world. Sometimes, we are oblivious to the blessings bestowed upon us because it seems that nothing is going right.

Sometimes, I will curse because I am late or because an obstacle has prevented me from doing something I’d wanted to. And then I stop and think about it another way. Consider this. What if that obstacle was a divine blessing of sorts? Say I had made it to where I was meant to be on time but something unthinkable had happened along the way. What if the universe had stepped in and prevented it without my knowledge? Is that not a miracle or a blessing, regardless of whether we are aware of it or not? That time-frame of five minutes might have made all of the difference between being fortunate and unfortunate. We are often blessed by much more than we are aware of and can understand with our five senses.

Have things been difficult for you of late? If you have been involved in some kind of struggle or situations have taken over beyond your control, then know that the symbol of the rainbow bestows blessings. It encourages you to hold onto hope. Your hearts desires will become available if you continue to believe in them. For now, remember all of the things which you are already blessed by. Many bad storms in life provides a lesson and an opportunity for reflection.

What are you grateful for today? Think of those things which might not usually come to mind so readily.

How are you truly blessed?




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2015

Illustration by Darren Burt


4 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: The Rainbow

  1. Looking up from phones is good–drives me nuts seeing that. The whole idea of looking past our tunnel vision is good, like this idea of opening up, refocusing our eyes etc.


  2. “Refocusing our eyes”.

    Yes, exactly. I like that, Judy.

    When there is a rainbow in the sky, everyone looks up to see it. We smile and take photographs. It’s kind of like a miracle. What if we looked up from our own personal stuff and noticed those kind of miracles more often. Maybe it does just take refocusing our eyes.

    Great layer there, Judy. I loved this image as soon as I saw it. I think it might be my favourite. And now it has even greater understanding and joy connected to it. Thank you!


  3. This was a welcome card to see today! We’re getting ready to bring my very frail, 94 yr. old MIL home from the hospital, and trying to prepare for her physical needs and declining cognitive abilities has felt like a crushing weight. Thanks for the reminder to look for what is right and good in the world instead of being solely focused on problems and challenges. 🙂


    • You’re very welcome, Beverly! As I have said to some of the people I have performed readings for online, remember the image of a card like the rainbow and when things are tough, go to that place. Ask yourself where the rainbow is within the storm.

      I hope that your MIL enjoys coming home and that this time is special for you all. Maybe your help and support when she needs it is the rainbow in her life.


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