Your Card for Today: The Mallard

The Mallard BlogFor today, we have one of my favourite images from this oracle – The MallardEveryone who I’ve shown this card to has immediately connected with it.

Because they glide over water, ducks have been associated with emotion and emotional issues. They can often help us to deal with problematic situations by using grace: suggesting we balance our mind and emotions and not let either overtake the other.

The duck in this card is a Mallard. I have read that mallards do not like to be alone; they need to be around those of like mind, where they feel comfortable and safe. In this image, the bird sits in a lake by itself. His only company is the gentle ripples of the water which surrounds him.

How do you feel about your own company? Sometimes we need to be alone. At other times, that expanse of water can be too great. Even though this card can sometimes suggest loneliness, it is generally one of quiet contemplation.

On occasion, we need to take a break from the group and reflect. Evaluation is often most effective without external interruption; take advantage of quiet time and periods of stillness to think about where you’re at, without the influence of others getting in the way. We all need a little down-time. It allows us to step out of the noise and listen to our heart.

What is your heart telling you today?




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2015

Illustration by Darren Burt


2 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: The Mallard

  1. LOVE this card. One of the last times I walked in the woods behind our house was Spring about 3 years ago. Two mallards were gliding on a perfectly still pond, the magic canopy of trees and undergrowth behind them. Right in the woods, it was magic, like a perfect moment of stillness and connection.

    Tell Daz I think his photos are perfect for a deck, just lovely in their thoughtfulness.

    Your remark about mallards not liking to be alone adds such depth to the reflection.


    • It’s moving, isn’t it? I feel so connected with that bird when I look at the card. It is another soul, despite being a different species.

      Daz has read your comments and thanks you very much. He was very happy to know you appreciate them.

      I didn’t know that about mallards until I researched. I’ll keep a look out for them in future and see if they are in groups. I really feel something when I look at this one. The ladies from my course all gasped when they saw it.


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