Your Card for Today: The Lily

Lily with Border copyFor today, from an oracle of Darren Burt’s photography, we have The Lily.

In this stunning image, we see a lily. It’s delicate petals have gracefully unfurled and have exposed its beauty to the world.

This card represents innocence and youth. In Christian mythology and art, it is a symbol of virginity, common in depictions of Mary. According to the general belief, the tomb of the Virgin Mary was adorned with white lilies. The different parts of the flower were personified by attributing the features of Mary to them. While the leaves of the lily symbolized her modesty, the white petals represented innocence and purity.

As we grow older, innocence is something many of us feel we have left behind. Since we all carry the child we once were within us, it is something we can still access if we allow our self to. It exists in the wonder and excitement of all new experiences and desires.

This card can be viewed in two different ways today. Do you need to ease up and release yourself from anxieties concerning guilt or past actions? If you have acknowledged the past and accepted responsibility, then let those worries which hold you back go. The Lily encourages a fresh slate and asks you to approach today with the enthusiasm and vitality of youth. However, in other cases, this card will ask whether you are not accepting the responsibility of maturity and actually need to be the adult in an important situation. Whereas some of us could do with recapturing the essence of innocence and our childhood, others have found it difficult to locate a doorway out of it.

What does The Lily say to you today? Do you need to unfurl and embrace your inner child or is it time to abandon your naivety and stop relying on others? The Lily will have a different message for all of us. Listen carefully to yours!




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2015

Illustration by Darren Burt



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