Your Card for Today: Ace of Pentacles

AceofPentsAfter yesterday’s earthy knight, we have another card from the suit of Pentacles. For today, from my Spirit within the Shadows Tarotwe have the Ace of Pentacles.

In this image, a hand offers us a shining coin. Behind it, we can see a natural setting. All of the Pentacle cards in this set are accented in shades of green to suggest the element of earth.

The Ace of Pentacles is a blessing within our material world. It is a boost: sometimes to our physical wellbeing, our finances, or environment. Imagine being gifted something which enhances your physical and material life for the better.

But this card is not about a big fat handout. It is about being gifted a resource of some kind. Of course, this can be in the shape of money; however, it is a seed which you must nurture and help grow, rather than a windfall.

What resources are you being handed or offered today? Think hard about this because in some cases, you might just miss them. This card could describe an unexpected boost to your finances, but more likely, it will be an opportunity which will enable you to help yourself. It might concern someone offering to look after the kids while you take on a part-time job or a colleague publicising your work within their own professional arena. However the Ace of Pentacles turns up in your day, be grateful to its source and use its energy to shape your future for the better!




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2015

Illustration by Steven Bright


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