Your Card for Today: The Hierophant

HierophantToday’s card, from my Spirit within the Shadows Tarotis The Hierophant.

A young man and woman sit on the ground and listen attentively. Before them is their Hierophant. Modestly dressed and calm, she softly departs her wisdom. Behind her the sun rises, sending a building and the three figures into silhouette.

This card is a symbol of both education and spirituality. My Hierophant represents knowledge, wisdom and support. We all have a source we turn to for advice and she suggests its importance in today’s draw. For some people she will symbolise a group or organisation, as shown by the building behind her.

Who or what is The Hierophant in your day?

Sometimes, we need to step out of our immediate company to find help or wisdom from a higher source. You may pray to God, speak with somebody on a help line, or take to Google or your bookshelf to access the information you require. You might find support within a group or make an appointment to see a spiritual counsellor.

Many people find it comforting to put their faith in the hands of a guru, God, or a group. In some cases, this will be helpful, but remember that there are things which you can work out and resolve for yourself. The energy of this card should be approached responsibly. Although helpful, the group, book, or advisor shouldn’t be relied on. Remember that balance is desirable, as hinted at by the man and woman in the foreground.

For today, you may need to decide whether your preferred external source of knowledge, wisdom and support is as useful as your own best judgement! In many cases, this could mean striving for independence. In others, it could describe either straying from or sticking with a group.

Which path will you choose?

“I am glad that I paid so little attention to good advice; had I abided by it I might have been saved from some of my most valuable mistakes” – Edna St. Vincent Millay




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2015

Illustration by Steven Bright

You can read about the design process behind this card here


3 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: The Hierophant

      • Yes, we have to remember that these are people, not God’s, and no-one knows everything, even if they think they do! So, doing research of your own and trusting your instincts remains key 🙂


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