Your Card for Today: 6 of Swords

Swords 06Today’s card is the tranquil 6 of Swords from my Spirit within the Shadows Tarot.

This image always calms me. Even though I created it, I view it through the eyes of a reader, rather than those of a designer, every time I look at it now.

The man in this image is focused on a destination. Behind him, we can see where he has been, hinted at by the dark rocky landscape and rough waters. But as he steers his boat into a new direction, the sun begins to lighten the scene as it steps out from behind the clouds.

Does this card clear away all of your problems? Well, no, not really. You might see those swords in the boat as your own negative thinking, accusations of others toward you, difficulties, or regrets. They are whatever you believe them to be. However, we slowly begin to realise this: even though they must be acknowledged and taken on our journey, they needn’t influence the route.

We’ve all got wounds from the past. We all have things we believe, whether true or not. Lay them to one side today and let the sun find you from behind the clouds of doubt, worry or fear. Find a moment to regain clarity and re-evaluate both where you are and where you are headed. The waters we steer through, whether choppy or calm, are only accented by the lens we choose to view them through.

“The only journey is the one within” – Rainer Maria Rilke




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2015

Illustration by Steven Bright


6 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: 6 of Swords

  1. I like the Six of Swords a lot too and I love the fact you have put only one person in the boat. Although his Swords hare heavy he is still able to steer the boat himself without the help of anyone else


    • Thanks Ellen. I did that because we all carry our ‘own’ baggage. There are echoes of yesterday’s card here, concerning responsibility for some people. Once we are in a clearer head-space, it is us who has to sort through what those swords represent.

      It’s a bit different than the standard version, but I like that. Whether male or female, I see everyone as slotting into the role of the silhouette in each of the illustrations.


  2. I’m glad to see the swords are lying down in the boat rather than stuck into its bottom (wouldn’t that sink your boat?). This way it implies that although you are still carrying your opinions and beliefs, they aren’t up front and center. You’ve become more open and willing to listen to other ideas (in 12 step speak: “perhaps there is a better way”).


    • Thanks Bev. I prefer them like this too. I always felt it a bit difficult to get my head around the upright swords. In my own version, it made more sense for them to be this. And also to limit to just one passenger 😀


  3. There was a book in the 1970s, one of a series of mysteries by John D, MacDonald called “The Dreadful Lemon Sky” which I think of with this card. My father used to go around intoning repeatedly in a deep voice..”The dreadful lemon sky” as he went about his day.

    Journeys away from dreadful things happen, as well as good journeys making you happy with anticipation. I like the idea of carrying the swords, but not having them influence the route–love that.


    • I love that title – The Dreadful Lemon Sky. I won’t forget that with this card. I kind of wrote that line – about the route – without
      thinking. When I read it back, it felt perfect for this card. Writing is often like that for me – as if it is being fed from another source.


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