Your cards: February 23rd – March 1st

Here are your cards for February 23rd to March 1st.

childAs we move into March, we start this week with the Child.

On a desolate area of the beach, we see a baby. She clambers over the pebbles, taking in her surroundings. In many ways, this card represents a new adventure. The environment introduces her to many things she’s never seen or experienced before. With her first crawl into the unknown comes independence.

As we crawl into Monday, we are open to new situations too. Like the child here, we will most probably approach these experiences with wonder and a sense of optimism.

This card encourages new growth, but it provides a warning as well. Even though The Child can bring magic and excitement into our lives, it also reminds us to not forget the vulnerability of the child within us all. There is a difference between being childlike and childish. The baby in this card is naked and therefore vulnerable, so despite the beauty in the world around us, much danger lurks within nature and it’s inhabitants.

As you begin this week, remember that there is a difference between being open and naive. You may feel like jumping into the new and exciting, but check out the small print in all important situations first, both personally and professionally. Offering advise for the beginning of this week, The Child cautions us against taking leaps into things we know little about without researching or preparing beforehand.

leaderAs we reach Wednesday, we come up against The Leader.

A sailor stands in the centre of our week. Attractive and physically fit, this man represents a strong masculine energy. He depicts the kind of character who easily takes charge.

Are you the leader or are you being led?

You will be called to examine your own feelings around leadership this week. The Leader could represent someone providing guidance but he could also symbolise a company, business or strong group who will do this. How do you feel about being led? Would you be more comfortable with leading yourself?

The Leader is a neutral card. It doesn’t bring positive or negative energy to a reading by itself. However, sitting after the Child card, he may direct the vulnerable or stand up to the dictatorial or domineering. As the week progresses, you may need to consider whether to follow the leader or find your own strength and conviction.

shelterAs we make our way into the weekend, it is the Shelter card which we embrace.

The boy in this card stands in front of a shack he has built himself. As the sun goes down, he hopes it will provide warmth and protection from the natural elements and predators.

Look at his face. It is guarded and serious. This is his haven and contains all he has worked for and believes to be true.

With every week, we learn something new and add a new layer to our own spiritual place of personal retreat. Even though this card can represent physical places of security, it also symbolises the protection of our wishes, ambitions, emotions and inner-workings. Do you feel as though yours are under threat?

What must you protect this week? What have you built that is important and valued? Is it your strength, acknowledged by The Leader, which you need to keep in tact to carry on? Is it the innocence of the Child which you must guard from the outside world, afraid of attack?

As with each weeks cards, we embark on a series of lessons;  this week, it is to be aware of our vulnerability and strength and to appreciate them both in equal measures. They are tools which should be used in harmony. How can we understand our strength without moments of vulnerability. How can we appreciate the spontaneity of life or the luxury of being led without embracing the responsibility of the leader at times? Take a moment to see how you can use these tools because both should come in handy this week.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2015

All illustrations by Steven Bright


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