February Update

imageAfter a difficult January, things have been better this month.

As my mother recovers from two strokes, my work and momentum has picked up. I have been told that this is not the best time of year for tarot clients. It has been quiet but people are slowly beginning to find me again. I was fully booked this week in the shop and have read for some great international clients throughout February via email and Skype. As more people discover Tiferet Tarot, my thoughts for the future grow. However, with each new potential idea or proposition, something else gets placed on an already-overcrowded back burner.

Talkin’ Tarot with Theresa

thetarotlady_theresareed2014I was honoured to be featured on the blog of Theresa Reed this month. I have followed the Tarot Lady for some time and we’ve steadily built up an online friendship. Theresa’s no-nonsense approach to tarot fits well with me, since it is in line with my own practice. She has a professional and practical demeanour, which I guess is what attracts so many clients to her business. She’s passionate about what she does and works extremely hard.

Each month, Theresa picks a reader and profiles them on her site. She asks a series of questions about their practice and gives their sites and blogs some extra exposure. What I like about Theresa is that she is not out for herself alone – she puts a lot of energy into helping others and publicising them and her generosity claims no fee. She genuinely wishes to support other people in this profession.

You can read her Talkin’ Tarot article and interview with me here. Many thanks Theresa!

manUp and Coming Workshop

I began working with two new students this month. Since beginning to teach tarot at the end of last Summer, this is the third intake. The response from previous students has been good but garnering interest in tarot-training has not been easy. As time moves on, I realise that many customers prefer one-off punchy workshops to courses which require a lot of commitment. With this in mind, I have put together ideas for new classes.

love2The majority of my professional readings are tarot-related, but over the past month, I have been using oracle sets more than I ever have previously. This could have something to do with a good relationship with the Chronicles of Destiny fortune cards by Josephine & Emily Ellershaw, but generally, I want to explore this more flexible approach to divination and self-exploration.

With this in mind, I am planning an Oracle Design Class, which I will eventually run if there is enough interest. Because of time-constraints, each person would choose a number of pre-printed templates for their oracle (a choice of 10 from 40). During the day-course, they would receive guidance about how to put a convincing and useful oracle together and how it can be used for readings. The base material for deck design and construction will be collage since it is easy to work with and using it can be both intuitive and personally powerful. Some elements will be pre-cut for the novice and a demonstration will be given.


I have delivered collage-based art classes in schools before. My 11-year-old students found it a great tool for self-expression. I’d like to take that energy into oracle creation with adult practitioners. Each card will be lamenated and have its corners rounded for a professional finish. Of course, I found some time to try the process out myself. One of the nice things about collage is that you don’t need to over think it. It is a great vehicle for any artist who does not believe they can draw. You can bring images of all styles and scales together and often, the finished cards begin to speak without your needing to give them words. I hope to bring this workshop to life in the Spring. Exciting, yes?


Returning to the Dark Beach


As this month draws to a close, I have begun working on further designs for my Dark Beach Oracle. The original set of 40 cards started life in 2008. They were borderless back then, but in recent times, I have added borders and titles. Even though many people choose to cut them away from their decks, I find that having a name and a frame enriches the experience for me and gives the deck form.

In recent times, I have brought the Dark Beach to this blog for my weekly readings. It has opened up far more than I ever imagined it would and the readings have flown from within me to these pages effortlessly. After sharing some of the cards on Instagram, people have asked if they can eventually buy a set.

The problem with many of my homemade decks is copyright. Even though the images have been collaged and digitally manipulated by me, they contain photographs found online and in magazines. This has made them difficult to sell, so I am continuing to make the pack with photography of my own. I have tried out a few new ones, using pictures I have taken in the past (such as Charlie in The Nomad, above), but am looking forward to taking fresh photos of landscapes and models this year. Hopefully, the new and improved Dark Beach will become available to buy one day after all.


Should you wish to comment on any of this months stories, please do. As always, I welcome your thoughts, testimonials or questions.

To book an in-person reading with me or to enquire about or reserve a place on any of my workshops or courses at Talking Spirit, please call Lorraine on 07930 539004. Talking Spirit is situated at Mill Yard Craft Centre, 26 Swan St, West Malling, Kent ME19 6LP

Email readings and products are available through my shop. To arrange a Skype Reading, contact me at steven@tiferettarot.com to book a slot and payment.

© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2015

All illustrations by Steven Bright


14 thoughts on “February Update

  1. What a pleasure to read that things are going so well for you (and your family).
    And so many new ideas and projects. Don’t forget:an overcrowded back burner is always better than a dustbin. Just follow you heart and do what makes you happy now!


    • Thanks Ellen. Sometimes, I can spread myself to thinly. I have to watch that. But I am hoping that trying new things will help me to see what works and what doesn’t.

      The backburner is only nearly as full as the dustbin 😉


  2. Hi, Steven!
    Sorry to hear about the difficulties in January–and I’m keeping you and your Mother in my thoughts and prayers as she continues her recovery.
    I can relate to the slow periods as a fellow reader. I’m glad that you are seeing things picking up and gaining momentum!
    I’m an admirer of Theresa as well, so I’ll be checking out that interview for sure!
    And I love Charlie on The Nomad card, too! You really do have a gift for card design!
    Thanks for keeping me up to date! 🙂


    • Thanks James. It was a difficult time and I think I am still recovering from the stress and shock of it all. These things linger.

      I guess all jobs have slow periods. I have only been really pushing this business for 6 months, so I am trying to give myself a bit of a break. These things take time to establish.

      I’m glad you like The Nomad! I enjoy card creation so much!


  3. Need to board a plane to take your class ASAP…

    I hope all is well with Mommy Le Normand now.

    Every time I come around, you’re doing wonderful things for yourself. I mostly see your posts through Instagram, and they’ve been really useful nuggets of information that I typically reflect on before winding down to sleep. Some of them have even prompted interesting dreams.

    I’m glad you’ll be featured on Theresa Reed’s blog! And also glad for your oracle course. Perhaps if you host one online I can make it to that. : )

    Lastly, I wanted to ask you if you got a chance to check out Ana Cortez’s new Alchemy Edition Playing Card Oracle? I’ve fallen in love with her system, although I’m still having trouble assimilating it. Your Daddy Le Normand drafts were the ones that pulled me into it!

    Wishing you a smooth and productive rest of the week.

    Monica Laura


    • Thanks, Monica Laura. She is fine at the moment and recovering, even though still wobbly at times and not always seeing obstacles in her path.

      That’s great that you enjoy the Instagram posts. I try to bring something to that account and I really like putting together the visual images for it. Nice to know that they are received well.

      Hopefully the oracle workshop will happen. I wish everyone had your enthusiasm! It’s not always so easy to get people excited about stuff. Yes, board that plane! Hehe.

      I’ve seen Ana’s new deck but don’t have it. I go through waves with systems. I loved a lot of the spreads and ideas in her book but found some of the cards hard to get a feel for. I am sure I will come back to it again one day though.

      Hope all is good with you! Always great to chat.


  4. Love the sound of your Oracle workshop! And I think it’s great you’re working on a publishable version of the Dark Beach. So many exciting plans 😀


    • Thanks Chloe! Yes, not sure how The Beach will go. Or even if it will be The Beach. My partner takes some great photographs so I was hoping that we could work together on the project. I don’t want it to become constricted though so I will see what comes up and let it take its own shape 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, I love the idea of you guys working on it together – a whole ‘nother layer to the oracle and your relationship 🙂


  5. Absolutely. It’s always so nice to find things to work on together. It’s like making a creative-baby, haha. As the sun is coming out and Spring will be arriving, there will be many opportunities to get out and photograph places and people. 🙂


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