Your cards: February 16th – 22nd.

Here are your cards for February 16th – 22nd.

FatherAs we begin our week, the first card drawn from my Dark Beach Oracle is Father.

The man in this image holds a baby. Is he the child’s father? Maybe … or maybe not. Whether he is or isn’t, he displays the characteristics of one. He holds his hand out to show her what is safe and what is not. He creates boundaries and teaches her about the rocky landscape of the Dark Beach.

We all need a little guidance sometimes. We all need to be shown boundaries and rules. Traditionally, it is a father who lays down the law and draws the lines in the sand which must not be crossed.

Does this card represent a father figure in your life? Or are you displaying the characteristics of the father, dishing out authority or controlling someone else? Often, this card shows up to depict an authority greater than any one person. Is a dominating force keeping you in line this week or do you actually need a little ushering in the right direction?

As the week begins, take control of those things you can. However, remember that there will be times when forces greater than yourself will step in and take the reins. Even though we may want to fight against it, this form of control is often for our greater good, whether we believe it to be so or not at the time.

AircraftAs we meet with the middle of the week, we find another character from the Dark Beach. A man stands strong and defiant. In the sky, we see an Aircraft.

The man in this card covers his heart and looks serious. If he has been shipwrecked alone on the island, the aircraft above him might suggest much-needed help and support. Is it landing or taking off? Whatever it is doing, the man in this scene doesn’t seem particularly bothered.

As you move into Wednesday and Thursday, do you notice the help which is available to you? Do you accept goodwill or do you push it away, wanting to do everything for yourself? Our pride can get in the way of genuine care sometimes. The man in this card has cut his nose off, despite his face. He wants to be independent and do everything for himself but doesn’t realise that once the aircraft has disappeared, he really will be alone, whether he likes it or not.

Find gratitude within yourself for support this week. We might want to run the show single-handed, but sometimes, a little help can be just what we need. Remember that these offers will not be available forever, so swallow your pride and allow real generosity to enter your life when you need it.

waveAs we reach the weekend, we find The Wave.

The Wave is a nice card to behold.

The person in this image is enjoying life. He rides the waters, negotiating the light and dark areas, understanding its dangers and knowing his place. This is a good card to find at the end of the week because it depicts a place where we can succeed but must understand our limitations.

It is essential that we heed the advice of the other two cards if we want to ride the wave as this man does. We must remember that we are not bigger than the wave itself and in order to ride it, we must obey the rules of the ocean. Without rules or the controlling of our ego, it is highly likely that we will become swallowed up by the mouth of the dark wave in one gulp.




Images from The Dark Beach Oracle by Steven Bright

© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2015


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