Your cards: February 9th – 15th

Here are your cards for February 9th – 15th.

PlayTo begin this week, we have the final card from the week before – Play. 

At the end of last week, this card was a good omen, since it represented kicking back and enjoying yourself. The boy plays beneath the surface with the dolphin, putting aside any drama or stress. However, as we move into this week, the card could well describe a time of prolonged play; suggesting that we might even be acting irresponsibly.

Are you finding it difficult to get back to your usual routine after a fun weekend? Or does this card suggest a general avoidance of responsibility or authority. Play can be a useful tool for our toolbox when used appropriately. For a creative person or someone needing to think out of the box, it is a handy weapon, but occasionally, this card will turn up to remind us that the bell has rung and our time for being carefree is over.

MorningAs we move into the middle of the week, we are greeted with Morning.

In this card, we see a young man stirring from his slumber. In the shadows of sleep, he has been vaguely aware of the rumbles in the distance, but now, as the sun rises and the light begins to shine, he is awoken. He doesn’t want to wake. He shifts his head, hoping to return to his dream, but he cannot.

In this card, we are woken up. With reference to the our first cardit is likely that we will be roused from either a prolonged period of irresponsibility or naivety. However much we wish to try to return to a place of comfort or protection, the forces generated on Wednesday and Thursday will not allow it.

We must no longer try to hide, but must stand up and face the world. This card represents new beginnings: those which we will often try our best to resist. What have you been avoiding but must stand up to this week? What responsibility must you take on, which you’d rather not?

LighthousesFor the weekend, we face The Lighthouse.

This structure stands upon rocks and has helped sailors for as long as it has stood there. Water rushes over its base, but it doesn’t phase the lighthouse, which continues to do its job. It is a tower of strength and stability and a beacon of hope for many: the lighthouse shines it’s light for all to see. In reality, it shows rocks to sea-travellers, highlighting obstacles and danger.

In a reading, this card works in a similar way. The light of The Lighthouse can reveal any potential problems or concerns in the path ahead. It is a useful card in many ways. Its energies will provide clarity and understanding in a situation. It will light your way and present warnings. Is what someone says behind your back different to what they say to your face? If so, this card will alert you to what they really think. Might something be going on in the shadows which you are unaware of? This card could highlight factors within a situation which could be potentially damaging.

This sounds good, right? Well, yes it is. However, remember that the clarity and revelations of this card work both ways. Are you gossiping behind someone else’s back? Are you doing something you’d rather others didn’t know about? If so, chances are that the light of this card will reveal all of that too by the end of this week, so it is often best to be upfront in your relationships, both personally and professionally.

This week’s cards present lessons, but with the lighthouse as a metaphor, this trio does help us to find an easier way of navigating our week. The solutions to our potential difficulties are within our hands and hearts.


© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Collaged illustrations from The Dark Beach Oracle by Steven Bright


6 thoughts on “Your cards: February 9th – 15th

  1. I suppose it is like a lantern leading us the way. Personally there for me Play is always a good card because I don’t do give in to this easily. I wish I could play truant from my responsibilities for once 🙂


    • Yes, I can see that Ellen. I really like how a card can mean so many different things to different people. For some, it is about switching off and for others it is about being switched off for too long 🙂


  2. These three cards are clear as a bell: enjoy the fun, but at some point you’re going to have to wake up to reality and be alert for the unexpected. Well done on this deck Steven! Hope your mom is making progress in her recovery.


    • I see them just as you do, Bev.

      Thanks! I really enjoy working with this set and am hoping to continue with the design process this year, possibly using my own photography but in the same style and collage process.

      Yes, mum is recovering well (fingers crossed). She is venturing out of the house today as her physio says she should get out for some walks and get her confidence back.


  3. Glad to hear your mum is improving, Steve. And glad to see you get back to this Oracle. I love how the Lighthouse has a meaning very much it’s own, despite superficial similarities to the Tower. Just think, you could release two decks this year… 😀


    • Thanks Chloe. It’s been a hard time .. but she took her first trip out on the bus today.

      Haha, re deck releases. This deck has always pulled my inner-strings. It does something to me. I want to resurrect it and continue to design new images which could eventually be sold.

      I love this lighthouse. It is the all-seeing-eye for me – more like the tarot Sun in many ways.


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