Your cards: February 2nd – 8th

Here are your cards for February 2nd – 8th.

This week, I am drawing from a collaged and computer-manipulated deck I began designing in 2007, entitled the Dark Beach Oracle.

The FireAs our week opens, we meet with The Fire.

Within this card we see a handsome young man consumed by the element of fire. The flames do not burn him as you might think though. In fact, they are his life-force; fire runs through his veins like blood.

Fire represents passion and this card signifies those things which we are passionate about and find our self consumed by in life. In some cases, this will be a project or job which takes over our enthusiasm and drive. In others, the energy of this card is sexual, mimicking the passion we might experience with a partner or through the celebration of our own sexuality.

As Monday begins, you will feel the energy of this card deep within the pit of your belly. This is a time to both acknowledge and use your inner-fire, to be passionate, and to get excited and involved about something. Is there something you really want to do? Are there words you are desperate to say or someone who is currently stoking your inner-fire and passions, for good or bad?

Whether you use this enthusiasm and energy for creative purposes or stand up for who you are on Monday and Tuesday, find ways of releasing your own personal fire both healthily and responsibly.

The WaterAs we reach the middle of the week, the element of fire is softened by The Water. To avoid burn out, we must all find time to step back and rest from that which excites or charges us up .

In this card, we meet with the element of water. We see a young man with his face turned to touch the sea beneath him. Water traditionally represents emotion, so with his ear connected to his natural element, we see someone who is tuning into his heart.

On Wednesday and Thursday, you will be asked to use your intuition to assess a situation. This is not a time for consulting with your mind. It is a time when we must close our eyes to everything external and plug into how we feel about something, deep inside.

What does your gut reaction tell you? What about your inner-voice? Despite what you are being told or what you think you can see, lay your trust in The Water. 

PlayAs we move into the weekend, we find fun beneath the waves in Play.

In this image, a child tumbles and turns amongst the sea with a playmate. The dolphin swirls within the water, as they enjoy a moment together.

For the weekend, we must set things aside and simply play with the reckless abandon of a child.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

For some, it will be, but not everybody is able to close down their professional life or their personal barriers to let go. I know, from my own experience, that even when I am out socially, I still check work related apps on my phone and am thinking about the next thing I need to get a professional or artistic handle on.

If possible, this card advises you to indulge in the simple pleasures of life this weekend. If you have children, throw yourself into pastimes with them. If you are seeing friends, forget your worries and inhibitions and simply find an hour or two to enjoy the individual you are! As a tonic, this can be a powerful one and is probably just what the doctor ordered this week!




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Collaged illustrations from The Dark Beach Oracle by Steven Bright


2 thoughts on “Your cards: February 2nd – 8th

    • Thanks Ellen.

      The Dark Beach is my favourite of all decks I have created. It is made up of many elements, fused together digitally. There is something about this deck which gets to me like no other. On my old blog, I used it a lot. It was always borderless but I prefer the bordered/titled version much more.


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