Your Cards: January 26th – February 1st

Here are your cards for January 26th – February 1st.

For many of us, last week had its challenges. However, with the overcoming of difficulties, most of us were able to see reward, even if small to begin with.

08 Strength SAre the challenges over and done with? I am afraid not. As we begin this week, we are asked to look at those obstacles which reside within us, rather than what lurks in our external world. In Strengtha man faces a lion. In silhouette, he is alone at the top of a cliff with only the moonlight as a witness.

You may wonder what the result of this unlikely duel will be. Many would expect the lion to have the greatest power, but this is not a test of  physical strength. The man levels up to the beast and uses his patience, stillness and quiet to pacify the animal. These two creatures are far more than just their physical bodies. Within each is a soul.

As this week begins, you will find yourself in a power-struggle with your beast within. The lion in this card represents your fears, worries, animal instincts and your darker side. Even though it may want to roar and control you, you must find ways of calming it with love, patience and understanding.

What aspect of yourself do you need to pacify and control? Is it the way you react to other people, your need to receive for yourself alone, or a temper which inevitably hurts you as much as everyone else? Find a quiet place, as the man in this card has, take a deep breath, and try your best to tame the lion within you!

12 Hanged Man F SWith every moment of personal confrontation comes reflection, which we must all factor in for our self. As we move into the middle of the week, we confront the energies of The Hanged Man.

As with in the first card this week, this card shows a lone figure within the landscape of nature. Suspended from a tree, he is not in pain, but seeks enlightenment. Upside down, he views the world in a brand new way.

Because the man is tied to the branch, this card can insinuate delay, but this moment of peace also speaks about taking a step back from a situation. Through the confrontation with the lion in Strength, we sacrificed our immediate needs or nature for something far more powerful. Resistance is a strength in itself. In The Hanged Man, this sacrifice continues, as we shift our perspective and gauge what is really important this week.

Can you now see a situation in a new way than you have viewed it before? Have you discovered that your needs are less important than those of somebody else’s? What have you sacrificed or resisted for the better good? Sometimes, we learn that immediate rewards are as not as important as long-term goals.

Swords 02 SAs we reach the weekend, the heavy cards already pulled for this week bring about choice and difficult decision. Who said that the spiritual path was an easy one?

In the 2 of Swordswe see a figure (possibly the same one as in the last two cards) holding a sword in either hand. Each is of equal weight, suggesting that each decision is viable and that his choice is not easy. His task is not one he wants to make without thinking either option through thoroughly. In fact, he must be careful to not become stuck in analysis. A decision must be made and a sword must be left behind.

Think about the cards already drawn, the confrontation of Strength,  and the sacrifices made by way of The Hanged Man. How do they influence decisions which need to be made this weekend? Are you making choices based on yourself or others? Are you looking at the bigger picture when you make your mind up or are you thinking of what you need right now?

Unlike weeks past, this trio of cards works on our inner-self. It attacks our core and reveals who we really are. However, it does not eliminate our external life. It encourages us to strip away those things which are not important in the material world and make decisions based on what is important for everyone concerned. How can you best do that this week?




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


6 thoughts on “Your Cards: January 26th – February 1st

    • “An in a brief moment the lion knows what is is to be human and vice versa”.

      I love that Ellen.

      Yes, things are getting better. Mum is walking better, if still wobbly. Even though things are so much better than they were, what happened is still very much with us.


  1. Those are some very interesting cards! Both in terms of your reading about needing to challenge our inner conflicts and take time to reflect – similar to my interpretation of the Two of Swords last week, too 🙂 And also in the images you’ve created. That Strength is fabulous! So powerful, the man stuck between the lion and the drop-off from the cliff. It’s often when we are stuck between a rock and a hard place that we are forced to face those tough emotions and instincts 🙂


    • I can see the comparisons between your cards and mine, very much.

      I am so happy with this Strength card. I like the ones like this (also The Hermit, The Hanged Man, The Fool) which view what is happening from a distance.

      I can see what you mean about being forced to take action and confront. It adds an immediacy to this image.


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