January Update

After a busy December, things slowed right down in January. Tarot took a back seat.


Hand in Hand: Mum and I during the difficult times

This month has been a difficult one. Not far into the new year, my mother became unwell. My father and I looked after her at home, where she remained in bed. Due to sickness and nausea, both a call-out doctor and those at A & E  had diagnosed her with an inner-ear infection, but after a week of little change, paramedics were eventually called in two Fridays ago. They were very concerned by her high blood pressure and low sodium count, so she was admitted to hospital straight away.

The week that passed became an emotional roller-coaster. Due to the wrong diagnosis, she was taken to the wrong ward in a hospital far from where we live. It wasn’t until five days later that the MRI scan confirmed what my dad and I had feared – that she’d actually had two strokes. One had happened at home (causing the dizziness and her mobility problems), while the second had probably taken place while she was on the wrong ward (which had affected her vision). Her health deteriorated rapidly before the correct diagnosis and it felt as though my father and I were sleep-walking through a nightmare. I don’t remember ever crying as much or being as worried as I was a week ago. After confirming what had actually happened, she was transferred to a stroke unit. My dad and I have spent every day with her, from morning to night. We’ve depended on the kindness of family and friends for lifts to the unit and emotional support. The help and kindness from others (in person, online, through phone calls and letters) has been overwhelming.

I am pleased to say that Mum is now improving and was discharged today. Her short-term memory goes from time to time, she has little feeling in one of her feet, and her vision is still on the fuzzy side, but she has started to walk again and her appetite has returned. Even though I will never forget that week, we are relieved by her recovery so far.


Talking tarot at The Living Cafe, Maidstone

Despite being a difficult month, once my mother began to show progress, I did manage to do one thing I’d planned to – which was to read for one evening at The Living Cafe. Even though I still found it hard to leave my mother in the hospital and was extremely tired from a lack of sleep, I made it to the venue and read for six ladies and one young man.

The cafe has a spacious basement (where I set up) and each client came down to see me individually. The others sat upstairs, taking advantage of the beverages and lovely home cooked food which the cafe has to offer.

This was an important evening for me. The owners had already experienced disappointing feedback after a local medium had used their premises for an event, so I had a lot to prove. I am pleased to say that the evening went well and I received some kind and positive messages from those I’d read for afterwards. The two cafe owners were pleased with the response and have asked if we can organise another one. They have also said they’d like to rent the space to me so that I can run my Beginner’s Tarot Course from there. I am looking forward to working with them again.

I pulled back from the internet for a couple of weeks this month. I didn’t feel as though I could post a daily card on Instagram and my Twitter feed naturally stopped. But now that my mum is recovering here and looking more-like-herself, I finally feel as though I can try to get back to normal. It’s been a tough month, but I have learned one thing – every extra day I have with my parents and the people I love is a blessing and something I will never take for granted.




Should you wish to comment on any of this months stories, please do. As always, I welcome your thoughts, testimonials or questions.

To book an in-person reading with me or to enquire about or reserve a place on my February beginners tarot course at Talking Spirit, please call Lorraine on 07930 539004. Talking Spirit is situated at Mill Yard Craft Centre, 26 Swan St, West Malling, Kent ME19 6LP

Email readings and products are available through my shop. To arrange a Skype Reading, contact me at steven@tiferettarot.com


16 thoughts on “January Update

  1. Hi Steve I am so very sorry to hear what has happened to your mother and at the same time so grateful she is recovering. I was wondering what kept you from blogging. These things hit you right in the core, especially when it happens to someone you love. I am glad to hear life for you is getting slowly back to normal and you are working with you cards again.
    I wish for you and your family a quiet and peaceful period for each of you to regain your strength so you can enjoy the coming spring together


  2. Thanks Ellen. I found it hard to write or know what to write at the time.

    We are having quiet time, as you say, and she is looking and feeling brighter. It’s been a hard time but has helped to reaffirm what are the important things in life.


  3. Hey Steve what a terrible thing! Thank heavens there was so much support around and esp. now your mum is home and on the mend. Best wishes to you and your fam.


  4. Well, I appreciated updates on your Mum I can tell you. That is a lovely photo of you holding her hand (red string!) I hope she continues to improve.

    I’m so thankful she is home, where she can relax more and feel safe. I also hope your Dad feels a bit better having her close by. Whew, what a week that was.


    • First of all, I wondered if the photo was too personal to share, but then I decided to post it here and on Instagram because it symbolised that week – the care and worry, all wrapped up together. When I look at it now, I remember how scared we were and it reminds me of how important she (and Dad) is.

      She’s dressed and sitting in her chair today. It is great to have her home and see her improving.

      Ha, yes, the good old red string. I had it replaced during the week after. I felt as though it’s maternal loving energy had been drained and needed revitalising.


  5. Oh poor you and your poor mum and dad. It sounds like an awful time you went through. I knew something was up because you went really quiet and I wondered often how things were. I’m so pleased that things are on the up now and your mum is recovering.
    Sending hugs for all of you (with extra for you).


    • Thanks Dawn.

      It was a horrible time but she is looking so much better (even if still recovering with difficulties). Being home is helping, I think. I can’t tell you how happy we are to have come through this.

      I cut back from everything during the hardest parts. I couldn’t read the cards for myself or even post pictures on Instagram. I could only come back when I knew things were on the up.

      Thanks for your support and kind words.


  6. My mom has turned out to be such a good friend as I age; I can’t imagine dealing with her illness and incompetence with the hospital as you have. Gentle hugs to you and your dad for your unflagging care for your mom and for your strong hearts. Glad to hear this story has a happy ending, both with your mom and the cafe where you did your readings.


  7. So glad to hear your mum is now improving, and that she is finally getting the correct treatment. That is such a tough thing to go through, and I hope you can give yourself some care, too, as all that worrying and sleeplessness takes its toll. Best wishes for your mum to recover entirely, and for you to find the right balance for yourself now! Hugs, Chloë


    • Yes, it has been like that – sleeplessness and worry – and I am still in that place, even though Mum has improved so much.

      Thanks for your kind words and hugs, Chloe! Always appreciated!


  8. Wow. I’m so sorry, Steve!! I have been so behind on commenting on blogs and had no idea about your mom. How scary for you and your family. I’m glad to hear she’s recovering. What a troubling way to start the year. I hope this means it’s all good beyond this.

    Sounds like you had a great experience reading in that venue and have future contacts and a location you can use…all great things. Sending love and healing to you, your mom and your family.



    • Thanks Hannah. Yes, it was a rough start to the year but I am hoping that things are getting better now.

      The reading evening was great. Amongst a difficult time, I was worried about how it would go, but the people I read for were all great, open and interested.


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