Your Cards – January 19th – 25th

Here are your cards for January 19th – 25th.

Wands 10 SWe begin this week with the 10 of Wands

The figure in this card struggles through his landscape. As the sun sets, he carries his load toward his destination. The bundle of wands is heavy and awkward to carry.

It is likely that recent events have tired and weakened you? Have you had a difficult weekend or are you carrying the burdens of stress and worry?

Through Monday and Tuesday, find ways in which you can lessen your troubles. Is there anything that is overwhelming you, which you can pass on to someone else? Do you have any worries which you can share with another? The old saying ‘A trouble shared is a trouble halved’ may carry some weight this week.

In some cases, you may need to ask whether your load is still worth the trouble. If it is, then find the best way of carrying your stresses and responsibilities towards your destination. If you can drop a difficulty or two from the bunch, then distinguish between those worth carrying and those best left behind.

Swords 02 SAs we move into the week, we find some stillness within the 2 of Swords.

As pressure and stresses begin to dissipate, we will be left with decisions and opportunity on Wednesday and Thursday. You may wonder which way is best to turn.

Often, when confronted with difficult decisions, some people decide to make no decision at all (which is a decision in itself). When this card arises, we may choose to ignore difficulties and hope they’ll go away by themselves. The 2 of Swords suggests that they will not and that we must choose between available options (however difficult) if we wish to move forward.

Do you have a decision which needs to be made? As we reach Friday, weigh up possibilities and made a choice, once and for all. You will feel empowered by taking control and it could lighten the pressures described by the 10 of Wands at the beginning of the week.

Wands 03 small 2As the weekend ensues, we find the 3 of Wands in play.

A man stands on a rock, looking out to sea. In the distance, we can see three boats returning. They move slowly but are definitely on their way.

The 3 of Wands is a card of progress. At the start of the week, we will shed those things which are not important and carry that which we feel is worth the fight. As we move into the centre of our week, we will make important decisions and confront those things which we’d rather not. If we perform these tasks, we will see their results by the weekend.

The results of the 3 of Wands are not dramatic. Progress will arrive in dribs and drabs but you will notice it. Remember the laws of cause and effect and know that the effort you put in on Monday will bear fruits by the weekend. Even the smallest of effort will reap reward!




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


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