Your Cards: January 5th – 11th

Here are your cards for January 5th – 11th.

Swords 09 SMany of us see the New Year as an opportunity to wipe our slate clean. In many ways, it can be a good time to start over since we can use a fresh and positive mindset to abandon those things which no longer serve us or have become unhealthy. However, this does not mean that problems or persistent worries from the year passed will instantly disappear beneath the warbling of Auld Lang Syne. Some will linger and continue to be of issue.

The 9 of Swords is a card of anxiety. This figure sits alone and bows his head. He is in turmoil. Nine swords float above him; each representing a thought or concern which is creating fear or worry. Have you been finding it hard to sleep lately? Are you experiencing the burden of negative thoughts or even panic?

Quite often, the worries represented by this card have been built up to be far bigger than they actually need to be. You might note that none of the swords actually touch the man, despite his shrinking away from them in fear. They simply consume him and take control. He has become their servant.

As we begin this week, try to face some of your own worries, how ever scary. Which fears can you confront and eliminate? Remember that fear often has a greater influence than that which we are fearful of.

I remember reading about a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania. It provided statistics, which might be interesting for anyone who is consumed by worry at the beginning of this week. From those tested, the study found that –

  • 40% of the worries never materialised.
  • 30% of the worries were about the past, where absolutely nothing could be done about them.
  • 12% of the worries were directed toward other people’s business.
  • 10% of the worries were spent on real or imaginary illnesses.
  • Only 8% of the worries were justified.

As we being this week, ask yourself how many of your worries are valid. Are you their servant or master? What can you do to remove these swords from hanging above your head?

02 F High Priestess SOn Wednesday and Thursday, we meet with The High Priestess.

This figure is one of mystery. In silhouette, we see a dark and spiritual woman, guided by the moon and surrounded by water. Her wisdom comes from deep within. Like her, we all have this inner-knowing.

As we move into the middle of the week, you must trust your instincts. This is sometimes easier-said-than-done, since our inner-voice is often suffocated by those things we are told by others or believe to be true. If you need to make decisions or weigh up a situation, this card advises you to quieten your mind and pay attention to your hunches and gut reactions. If you do not usually trust your intuition, then this week may be a time to start. Ask yourself how you feel about choices, problems and those around you. So many people ignore this gift and focus solely on logic, only to regret it later.

Wands 04 SFor the weekend, we have the 4 of Wands.

For many of us, things will become easier as the week matures. Worries will dissipate and our own inner-navigation-system will help us to work out which way we should turn for the best. By Saturday, you will feel more content and able to enjoy some relaxation and valuable time with those you love.

The 4 of Wands represents a time of warmth and stability. For some, this token might come across as mundane, but for anyone who has had their fair share of  ups and downs this week, it will be a welcome sign. If we listen to the advice of the first two cards, the vibrant [but stable] energy of this card could well be the reward of doing so.

Wishing you all the best for your week!




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright

Statistics taken from The Monster is Real by Yehuda Berg


4 thoughts on “Your Cards: January 5th – 11th

    • That is a beautiful message, Ellen. Thank you. Each week, I wonder what will turn up and hope I will convey that story well enough for everyone. Some weeks are easier than others. I love to use the cards but it is a bonus to hear that my work with the tarot inspires and resonates with others 🙂


  1. Wow!

    What a powerful transition in this card draw! I’m really feeling it. I could feel the message as it relates to all of us present and tuned into it.

    Weeks can be tricky little cycles within themselves, posing a problem and a goal to be met. It’s very apparent in the dynamic this spread is interpreted.

    Wishing you a lovely start to the year, Prince! I am happy to be along the rde with you.


    • Thanks Mónica Laura! I have already gone through the 9 of Swords part of my week, so I can relate, also.

      Wishing you all the best too! I am very happy to have your company on my tarot travels!


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