Your Cards: December 29th 2014 – January 4th 2015

Here are your cards for December 29th 2014 to January 4th 2015.

SHADOW Cups14 FINAL SmallAs we begin this week, we share a toast with the King of Cups.

In the King of Cups we find a man of maturity. He knows the world of love and emotion like the back of his hand; through experience, he has learned to master and control his feelings. Unlike the other members of his tarot-family, his cup is refined and sophisticated, symbolising the way in which he is able to deal with problematic emotional situations with ease.

This card could describe an aspect of yourself this week. Have you come up against a situation which needs to be handled maturely and with emotional sensitively? Can you tune into that part of yourself, rather than letting a problem control or consume you? We all have the ability to do this, but when caught in the moment, we are more likely to react to a situation than rise above it.

If you cannot deal with your emotions effectively on Monday and Tuesday, then seek out someone who can help. The King of Cups can be found in many counselling-type roles or in the shape of a friend who can successfully detach them self from your problem.

Swords 02 SAs we make it to Wednesday, we have drawn the 2 of Swords.

Very often, this card will arise when we need to make a decision. The two weighty swords represent two avenues; because they look similar, this card usually presents a difficult choice which needs to be made. Are you in a situation where you know you should really choose but have decided to stand still and bury your head in the sand?

The Swords cards are all about logic. They stem from the mind. As noted at the beginning of the week, we can sometimes become entangled in our emotions and need others to help us decide on the best course of action. With the help of others or by taking a more elevated position in a situation, the 2 of Swords asks us to use our mind, rather than our heart. The man wears a blindfold to prevent his choice from being influenced. Like him, you must use the sword of honesty and logic to make your next move – however much it conflicts with the messages from your heart.

Swords 12 SAs we reach the weekend, there is a shift. Of course, we move from 2014 to 2015, but in these cards, there is a shift in energy as well – from feeling stuck to getting moving again in some way. If you have felt immobolised by the decision required in the middle of the week, then a well-thought-out and honest choice will set you free and enable you to step into the new year more readily.

The Knight of Swords represents mental freedom and movement and is ready to move on. Look at how he stands, ready to jump forward and deal with new challenges. He is like the bird above him, cutting through the air and any existing doubt or confusion.

As we move into 2015, approach the new year with a clear viewpoint. The Knight of Swords can sometimes appear aggressive or forceful, but he knows what he wants and goes in search of it. Because he is a symbol of both thought and movement, a new year is a perfect time to take on any new ideas you have been mulling over.

I’d like to take this moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I really appreciate all of the support I have received at Tiferet Tarot and hope that you will all accompany me on this journey into 2015.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


8 thoughts on “Your Cards: December 29th 2014 – January 4th 2015

  1. I often don’t get a kingly feel with the King of Cups in decks. He always seems a bit of a mystery or something. Perhaps because we are taught that emotions in men are distasteful, therefore a man in the Cups suit (water and emotion) should not show emotion, so how does he fit at all?

    When I look at this one, because of the cityscape in the background, I think of a millionaire with a rooftop and penthouse surveying his kingdom. He seems quiet and self-assured without a big show, self-contained through choice not because he’s afraid to feel or acknowledge an emotion. I like your depiction of this king, the way it gets that across (at least to me.)

    I used to know men online who were always crowing about how bad emotions are. They can be difficult to deal with but they are part of the human condition, the human experience, so we need to know them and to feel them, to be fully ourselves. This King knows that.


    • I am so pleased that you see him in that way because that is exactly how I wanted him to appear – not showy, unafraid to acknowledge that he has feelings. He feels right for me. He is a professional man, like the other kings, but he may have made his business in compassion, perhaps. It’s part of his make-up. I see him as positive; his kingly attributes might unbalance things if he is reversed.

      Absolutely, he emotions. Emotions are only a problem when they consume us, I’d say. This guy is aware of his. He controls his, rather than letting them control him.


  2. A Happy New Year to you, too, Steve! I do like the look of that energy shift at the end of the week – I could do with some mental clarity and a bit of dynamism after ten days of being sick and groggy 😀


  3. Is that a sword in or your knightly hand or are you happy to see me?

    *groan* sorry, I couldn’t resist. I do like the silhouette style, and I do like what’s captured in these swords cards.

    And I especially resonate with the need for moving decisively and having a clear viewpoint. Mental and emotional perspective are useful for this first work week of the year after some time off — because it’s already been two days full of challenges!


    • Haha 🙂

      I’m glad you like the cards. Having a good response to the images from readers means a lot to me. It is great that these draws provide insight and perspective! I have been eager to get back into the world after Christmas, but like you, the challenges have begun!

      Happy New Year, Jase. Always a pleasure to have you drop by the blog!


      • Happy new year to you as well! I was glad to find your new blog, as you had seemingly vanished from the ether. (I had coincidentally emailed your last known email address right before finding your new blog.)


        • Ah, I never got that. I put a good five years into the last blog but as I decided that I wanted to turn my reading and teaching into a business, I thought it best to step aside from using tarot for personal reflection publicly.

          I also wanted to use my own name. I pulled the blog pretty unexpectedly and emailed those who I had mail addresses for. I haven’t been back to my old email in a while as it was swamped by notifications and things like that. If you ever need or want to get in touch, my new address is

          I love my small community of tarot-lovers in the blogging world so it is great when you all pop in and leave comments 🙂


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